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Author MarcusSLazarus

Following "The Hunger Games"- book or movie; it's your choice-, after her return to District 12, Katniss is contacted by Angel, who reveals that he has been living underground with the remnants of District 13- the supernatural population that remained after the catastrophe that devastated America-, and seeks Katniss's help in rallying others in a revolution against the Capital... which is actually controlled by the Senior Partners, who placate various demons by using the Hunger Games as human sacrifices, the demons in return helping them to keep the remaining population in check.

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During his Fourth incarnation, the Doctor was called upon by the White Guardian- the personification of Order for the universe- to find the Key to Time, a powerful artefact consisting of six segments that, when combined, would grant the user complete power over all of time and space ("The Ribos Operation" to "The Armageddon Factor"). At the conclusion of the search he dispersed the segments to prevent them falling into the hands of the Black Guardian- the personification of chaos-, leaving him on the run once again.

Later on, in his fifth incarnation, he was selected by an agent of th...
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