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Okay, we've all read stories where (insert character here) is transported into the world of Anita Blake and to Saint Louis. In most of these Jean-Claude is very concerned with the interlopers onto his territory. In all of the ones I've read so far the Scoobies say sorry and make nice.

I'd like to see one where that wasn't case. Can you really see Xander or Buffy (or even Willow) being okay with a Vampire essentially declaring himself superior to all other magical beings? (Which he is by saying that they all must have his permission to enter his territory.)

I see the Scoobies ...
Anita Blake • Responses [4] • Date Added [30 Sep 09]
Okay, here's the challenge: Teal'c and the rest of SG-1 get trapped on a planet. Don't care how, don't care why.

Willow + enter Scooby or Scoobies here are also on this planet for XYZ reason.

The people they meet on this planet (don't care if they're demons, aliens, or alien-demons) are very odd and religious. The beings of the planet make a deal with the two groups, that one of them can go, but the other group must stay. It must at the very least be implied that staying will result in the death of whichever group does so.

At hearing this someone from one of the tw...
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