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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Rowaine

As the civilized world crowds in around them, the world of Faery (gnomes, goblins, fae, etc) are pushed together into small clusters of unclaimed wilderness. They need help, sanctuary, and so call on the gods to send the assistance they require. But the gods are busy as usual, and can only send a couple of mortals to aid the dwindling faery folk.

Length: minimum 5k please, although if you write ala Grimm's it should make an interesting multi-chapter fic
Characters: any BtVS would work (Xander, Dawn, Tara), as would AtS (Doyle, Lorne, Lindsey - Linds would be the best!), HP (any, b...
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Due to either a wish or a spell, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is mind-swapped with Caleb in BtVS Season 7. Because his past hasn't happened yet, the First can't appear to him as anyone meaningful... and he gives her the finger (literally or not, your call). His only hope for getting back is the Scoobies, but he's going to have a Hellmouth of a time gaining their trust.

Romantic pairings: author's choice, but I really don't like Willow/Mal
Rating: anything suits
Categories: action/adventure makes sense, with some drama and/or romance along the way. dark? possibly...
Length: wo...
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This one will work with almost any crossover, folks. Though I'd rather see it with Harry Potter, X-men, Sentinel, Charmed, or NCIS...

After leaving the crater of Sunnydale (post-Africa makes sense), Xander comes into his own brand of nifty powers: he can heal minds and, to an extent, serious injuries. The catch? He has to fall in love, just a little bit, with whomever he heals.

Ideally, this challenge would involve several long chapters dealing with each of his patients, or a series of short stories. Slash or het, or better yet a mix of both.

I'm not thrilled with X...
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