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Author Krysstinia

The Slayer Essence is actually a trapped Knight of Hell. When the Shadowmen try to force Buffy to accept more power, the Knight is set loose. Buffy and the Knight come to an arrangement where they coexist. Cain becomes aware of her after he gives the Mark to Dean, and goes to her and tries to find out what her big plans are. Cain leads Abaddon to Buffy, which in turn forces Buffy to make a decision to seek out the Winchester's help. She offers to help them kill Abaddon by giving them information that only the Knights are privy to in exchange for actively helping to kill Metatron and getting th...
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Aug 14]
"The second Eugenics Movement actually started one hundred years before the war started in Seattle" says a little known, but mostly true, book on the Eugenics Wars. The Eugenics movement of the 21st century started when Manticore became public. The war started when the transgenics started having children that couldn't be identified by the barcode on the back of the neck.

There are two ways that I can see this going.

1.) Buffy Willow, Xander, and the rest of the gang are the direct descendants of the transgenics of the writer's choice, after however many generations the writer...
Television > Dark Angel • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Aug 14]
One of the core Scooby gang is the person that the demon Meg chooses for her host. The host can be from season 1 or 5-8 and the survival of the host is up to the author. Maybe Meg possesses two members of the Scooby gang, one for each canonical host.

I think it would be neat to see the Scooby!Meg being chased by the rest of the Scoobies and what the impact of the demon possession would be. Would Scooby!Meg have a greater impact on Supernatural canon than the two canonical versions? Would Scooby!Meg's host survive the exorcism at the end of season 1? Would the Scooby gang hunt Scooby!M...
Supernatural > General • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Aug 13]
There's a prophecy about Buffy facing the Master and being killed by him at the end of season one. Giles thinks it is referring to the vampire trapped under Sunnydale. It isn't. The Master referred to in Buffy's prophecy is the Time Lord, not the vampire.

When the Doctor fused the controls to the TARDIS, he misjudged the margin of error. It was 18 years, instead of 18 months. The Master lands in Cardiff in 1996, 12 years before the Doctor left Cardiff. He finds his way to Sunnydale for some reason.

What happens next is up to the reader, but here are some things I'd like to s...
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Apr 13]
The Doctor has at least two canonical family members that have been named: Susan, his granddaughter, and Jenny, his daughter from the planet Messaline. Both are special women and both have the potential to do amazing things. Add one more thing to that list, becoming the grandmother to Buffy Summers.

Either Susan or Jenny find their way to Earth sometime in the 1940s or 1950s, and meet a man. She gets married, finds a job, gets a house, and sooner or later, she has a baby (Joyce or Hank, writer's choice). Twenty-odd years roll around and Joyce and Hank meet each other, get married and ...
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Feb 13] • Date Updated [10 Feb 13]
Zachariah, in his infinite wisdom, decided that Dean wasn't saying 'yes' to Michael because he cared too much for Lucifer's vessel. In order to correct this, Zachariah takes one of the brothers (Dean most likely) away and places him with anther family. He chooses the Summers family against objections that other angels bring up, saying that if he didn't care for Sam, then he wouldn't care about killing him. He instead gets the opposite reaction.
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 May 11]
Remember Dana, the insane Slayer from the 5th season of Angel? It turns out that the attacker when she was a young girl wasn't an evil man. It was a possessed man with yellow eyes. She was pulled from a hotel room when the Winchesters were living in LA on a job. By the time she was found, the Winchesters had moved away.

Dean has beaten himself up his entire life for her kidnapping, and Sam barely remembers her, but when there's news of killings that mimic a Hunter's in LA (around the season 5 ep 11 Damage) Sam and Dean check it out and find their sister.

Please keep in mind t...
Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Nov 10]
As of Ep 6.2, we know that all supernatural creatures have an Alpha, the one being that created all the others, and we know that the Campbells are trying to bag them. Write a story where Buffy is the Slayer Alpha. Something is snatching Mini-Slayers, and Buffy decides to bring whoever it is (The Campbells) down. Hunters see Slayers as just another evil creature, or they don't know what Slayers are and what they do.

Sam and Dean only know her through her reputation as a fierce hunter. When the Campbells are attacked the first time, Dean turns to her for help, without telling anyone els...
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Oct 10] • Date Updated [13 Dec 12]
When John went to Windom, Minnesota in 2002, he was told he was the father of two children, Buffy and Adam. Fast forward to 2008 when Sam and Dean get a call from someone claiming to be their sister, saying that there are creatures hunting down her mother and brother.

Cue Sam and Dean going to Windom, and the rest of the ep (4.19, Jump the Shark), where it's Buffy the brothers meet in the diner. It's up to the writer how much she knows, or doesn't know.

What I'd like to see is:
1.) Buffy walked in on the two ghouls eating Adam and managed to get him to a hospital. It's up...
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Aug 10]
There are stories that focus on Buffy with either Sam, Dean, John or a combination of those. Where's the love for Adam? Write a story that has Buffy interacting with the youngest Winchester in some way, shape or form. Adam could be a love interest, a brother, Dawn's boyfriend, some kid that Buffy gives advice to, but she needs to interact with him.

Bonus points if Dean and Sam are with Adam when Buffy's around and they cause her trouble.
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 May 10]
Buffy goes to college at Stanford, instead of UCSD, where she meets Sam Winchester. Both are running away from the lives that they don't want to lead, and refuse to let their past interact with college. Buffy and Sam end up dating, and it is she, not Jess, that is with Sam when Dean stops by.

When Yellow Eyes shows up to kill her, she manages to escape and runs into Dean at some point. He stops her and all three have a confrontation about who they really are.

Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester • Responses [1] • Date Added [7 Mar 10]
This is real simple. Take a ghost story from the town or area that you live in and make the Winchesters and Buffy come by and put the spirit/ghoul/entity to rest.

1.)You, or a fictional representation of you or someone you know, is the entity's latest victim, which causes the Winchesters and Buffy to visit.

2.) Whoever isn't the victim is the one who gets interviewed by the visitors, who becomes involved, somehow.

Bonus Points will be given for good local folklore and an epilogue that explains the story that the fanfic is based on.
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [29 Jan 10]
Angel and Spike disappear into thin air one day and it is up to Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies to find them. It takes Willow a while to find them, and they are:

1.) Harry Potter (Spike) and Draco Malfoy (Angel)- Harry Potter
2.) J.D. (Angel) and Dr. Cox (Spike)- Scrubs
3.) Two of the three Lone Gunman- X-Files/The Lone Gunman
4.) Jack O'Neill (Angel) and Daniel Jackson (Spike)- Stargate
5.) Starsky (Angel) and Hutch (Spike)- Starsky and Hutch
6.) MacGyver (Spike) and Jack Dalton (Angel)- MacGyver
7.) Dean (Spike) and Sam (Angel)- Supernatural

Must ...
Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jan 10] • Date Updated [7 Mar 10]
What would happen if, instead of an alternate SG-1 causing the ripple effect seen in the Season 9 episode, it was the Scoobies. They caused the universes/realities to merge into one.

I'd like to see it happen one of these ways:
1.) When Angelus is opening Acathla at the end of Season 2
2.) When Willow and Anya are trying to find Anya's necklace in Season 3's 'Doppelganger'
3.) When Buffy sacrifices herself at the end of Season 5
4.) When Buffy is brought back in Season 6
5.) When the Potentials are activated at the end of Season 7

The first group to come t...
Stargate > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Dec 09] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
The Buffybot finds herself on PX3-989, the planet with Harlan and the robot SG-1. She arrives after SG-1 has been "copied" (Season 1's Tin Man) and Harlan upgrades her to the same tech level as SG-1 is, using Carter as a model. She then joins robot SG-1 on their missions, eventually leading to Season 4's Double Jeopardy. The real Buffy has been with the real SG-1 for at least a year and gets called in when Bufybot radios in with Jackbot.

What I'd like to see:
1.) A detailed description on how Buffybot ended up on 989, but you can enjoy yourselves on what she's done since.
2.) ...
Stargate > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Oct 09] • Date Updated [16 Jan 10]
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