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Author Doctorsgirl

Spoilers for House season six.

Okay, following the crash House starts having pretty bad hallucinations, so bad that he ends up in the Mayfield psychiatric asylum.

What if this just happened to be the same place that a recently called Buffy Summers has been sent by her parents for talking about vampires (as discussed in season 6)?

What happens when two unstoppable forces meet?

Snark off between Buffy and House during group therapy.
House attempting to teach Buffy to play piano- your decision if she sucks or not.
House's introduction to the ...
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After watching the new Trek movie at the cinema, this little bunny's been running round in my head.

The crew of the nu!Enterprise have just set out on their mission to 'boldly go...' following their confrontation with the
time-travelling Nero.

I want, by some bizarre twist of fate, a de-aged Buffy to appear on one of the planets they visit (how you choose to do it is
up to you- portal? Re-incarnation? Spell gone wrong?). Basically I want the enterprise crew to beam down onto a planet that's all but empty, except for an adorable, blonde six year old.

A blond...
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Following the death of Director Shepherd, Leon Vance replaces her.

However what would happen if a post-chosen Scooby was given the role?
How would the NCIS team react to falling under the lead of the Scooby in question?
Would Gibbs be able to cope without upping his caffine dosage to unhealthier levels?


A Buffy/Gibbs snark-off.
Willow and Abby babble-fest.
Tony flirting heavily if the Scoobie in question is female.
A Ziva/Faith showdown (Where Faith naturally kicks ass in style).
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