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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author kateruth

This is a slash/or friendship fic between Andrew from Buffy the vampire slayer and Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory. The boys can meet at comic con or Andrew moves into the building, or he beats Sheldon at comic book knowledge. It can begin as a rivalry to who is the geekiest and it csn either progress into romance or friendship.
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Must have Dean/Dawn
Sam/Buffy optional

Buffy is back from heaven and is struggling to adapt. Dean is back from Hell and is trying to get his life together while Sam is slipping further and further away. Dawn is trying to keep everyone together. (It may be necessary to fast forward this so when Dawn is supposed to be sacrificed she is 19+)

Both Dawn and Dean try to keep on fighting as Sam and Buffy seem content to lose themselves. Dean and Dawn draw strentgh from each other. Can Buffy and Sam be saved? Do they want to be saved and can the bonds between siblings...
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The key is the last seal. Lucifer wants to use Dawn to open the final seal and unleash hell. Dean must protect Dawn however she feels that she can use her power as the key to stop Lucifer if she finds the 'Book of solace' the only book ever to be written about the key and what it can do. Dawn finds that she can stop Lucifer but she will have to go to hell as well since she will be 'bonded' to Lucifer and will have to keep him locked in hell, if she escapes then Lucifer will escape as well. Sam is also trying to kill Lucifer, so Dean must de...
Supernatural • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 May 09]