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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author maylith

I think TTH needs more femslash, so how about crossing Buffy and Fringe?


Post Chosen, and the comics can be canon if you wish.

Only other potential pairings should be Willow/Astrid and Dawn/Peter. Perhaps, in the past, Giles and Walter knew each other.

Olivia somehow finds out about an organization called "The Watchers Council" and is concerned that they may be a cause of some of the random experiments known as "the pattern". While investigating, she discovers that while not part of the pattern, the watchers councils operatives are also invest...
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And perhaps something outside the norm, so here is the challenge.

BtVS and The Big Bang Theory cross so that Willow Meets Penny!

Some things I would like to see...

1. Post Chosen, Willow is part of new Watchers Council. You can use season 8 comics as well if you like.

2. Penny is activated as a Slayer, Willow shows up to recruit her and falls for her. Penny, for the first time, is immediately attracted to a woman but doesn't know how to proceed...

3. Leonard or Sheldon finds out somehow and recruit Howard and Rajesh to help their new super her...
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