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Author CrystalBlaze

Have you played or read up on Bioshock Infinite? Go read the Fridge Horror TvTropes page about it..


..back yet? Good. I've played it, I loved it, and I can see where the DLCs wrapping it up as the prologue to Bioshock are coming from.

But this is infinite possibility. There's any number of sick ways things could have gone south for any or all of the players in this Americana tragedy.

My friend and I like messing with this setting a LOT in discussion, so I gleefully point out that a pair of scientists, a fanatic Yahoo in deep denial, or a young girl...
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Now that Irrational Games has said their bit and left, those of us feeling they were a bit too cute in trying to wrap up Infinite and make it the prequel to Bioshock have our chance.

If you want to cross someone over, that's fine, but for the larger part this should be about working the DeWitts out of the doom they were each saddled with.

1) Manage to save Booker and/or Elizabeth, any number of deaths or close calls being allowable given the setting.
2) Give an internal structure or framework to the multiple worlds concept.
3) Include Lutece moments. Pianos no...
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Over @ fanfiction dot net, Innortal ( has crafted many interesting tales. One of the classic series (in several fandoms) is in his Omake Files: Innortal Style for different genres such as Ranma 1/2, Evangelion, Harry Potter, and so forth.

The concept is the Loops, and it's based on the Bill Murray film Groundhog's Day. The breakdown is as follows:

The multiverse is capable of coming off the rails like anything else. When the wheels come off of an entire reality, its central characters can end up supporting the world itself for a fl...
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I cited this as Multiple as Sanctuary's not on the usual list.

Helen Magnus and her merry menagerie, the Sanctuary Network, have been catching attention of late, and the notion behind *Confess Thy Sins* had me commenting on the notion of Helen's network extending aid to Buffy or Xander when they underwent changes that would definitely show up on Helen's "radar". Such tales, I am told, aren't on FFN.

So, here's the challenge--what would happen?

As a bonus, consider the woman's impact if she and the Network were active in the Evoverse, and the Bayville situation came t...
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We have loved running cross-Joss in the past. It's fun.

The Firefly setting has more potential than that, however.

I considered, at first, the idea of Dollhouse as it would have been handled in that setting, but realised that that is the explanation for things like the Operatives and River Tam.

Then, given just how the Alliance was acting, another crossover came to mind.

Imagine this: An Alliance "blue-hands" funded project, trying to create better Operatives, induces amnesia in a recruit before alternating between Operative training and sessions in a techno...
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While mourning the Twinkie, I realized that Alexander Lavelle Harris was hardly the only X-man to have a fixation on the treats.

Marvel Comics (aside from having everyone in in-comics Hostess Fruit Pie ads) posited one Doctor Henry McCoy. The Bouncing Blue Beast happened to be a major fan of the Twinkie, to the point that a long-lost fic had him planning horrific levels of prank on Robert "Iceman" Drake for slipping a box of lowfat Twinkies into Hank's emergency supply.

Now that the Twinkie is no longer with us, we have to wonder just how badly Hank's going to handle this sit...
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I don't suppose any of the authors here have had time to play, much less analyse the latest addition to the Parasite Eve series. (PlayStationPortable has it, and a reboot of the original)

If you care to look it up, there's spoilers for it. Suffice to say that, between the time travel and the things she said just before, there's rather a few reasons Aya Brea did as she did and rather different results than appear to be so remain possible.

I have the genre as Other game in homage to the series itself. Like Final Fantasy, it's a mixed bag.

The challenge is this--to inco...
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As you are well aware if you've watched enough BtVS or been a reader of this site, Willow's empowerment of "Are you ready to be strong?" Called all the potential Slayers.

At any given time, there were hundreds of Potentials. All girls.

So all the Slayers are girls, right?




Also in existence at the time was a guy named Connor, the Destroyer. Born of two vampires, the Destroyer is, in essence, a male Slayer.

This challenge is dead simple. Whatever regular guy that can't walk away from the fight fights ...
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My challenges tend to go unanswered. That's cool. Many are. But one thing that has niggled at the giggle part of my psyche is this:

M*A*S*H and Supernatural crossovers. There's BEEN a M*A*S*H Buffy one where Spike wandered through the 4077th, but for M*A*S*H and AfterM*A*S*H there's an easy connection.

Charles. Emerson. ~~Winchester~~. The man has a family, he's even noted to be appalled when they get along well with Radar's clan of O'Reillys. Is it out of the realm of possibility that the Hunter family is a branch of the Boston Winchesters?

Open-ended, but added poi...
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Okay, Joyce has been included in Halloween fics, as a part of the ensemble cast (often with Dawn, oddly enough).

That's not this challenge.

I was thinking of something simpler. She dressed up and went to a party at her museum, right? Given the nature of the place, her costume may have been based on archeologists or an exhibit. Thus, the challenge:

Joyce and her experiences solo, and how this deviates Season Two afterward. AU it all you like, as long as it's got some detail.
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Everyone likes to pick on Xander's halloween costume. I've been known to dream up a few ideas myself..

My challenge is simple. Characters who would have strong roles or events later certainly lived through that bizarre night. What about lasting change for some of these characters? People like Joyce Summers, the future Trio, the medic Ben, an early Faith, any or all of these sorts could buy costumes from Ethan, after all.

I got the idea for this challenge catching a drabble of Andrew buying and dying in newly-realized MJOLNIR-V armor. What if he had lived? There are a few good...
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