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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Neverwillmini

After Sunnydale's collapse, the Scoobies have moved to Lima. (The new Hellmouth is about an hour outside of Cleveland, heading toward Lima.) Xander (never lost his eye) is the new Shop teacher, Buffy is either traveling or away, Dawn's a student and joins Glee, and Giles is setting up the new Council outside of the Hellmouth's radius (some Slayers are living closer to it for patrol, etc.).

The rest of the BtVS and some Angel people (Spike & Anya didn't die, Cordy recovered and left Angel, maybe Fred leaves with her and becomes a Science teacher) set up in various shops, boutiq...
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This is one we had been tossing around quite a while ago on the Imaginings Yahoo group that I'd like to see someone finally write.

Xander gets sucked into Acathla's portal into Hell. Either through the magic going wonky around him, or because he manages to escape through another portal, he ends up going through a rear entrance into the Alternate Universe's Tartarus (the one with Ares as a the Love God). Since only the front entrance to the Underworld is guarded, he ends up freely wandering around while searching for a way out. He comes across either Nectar or Ambrosia at a meal rec...
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Activating all those slayers during the final battle in Sunnydale gave the good guys an unprecedented opportunity and most of the predatory demons have been killed, driven from this plane, or forced into magically-sealed settlements. The few remnants from the old Watcher's Council staged a coupe when most of the battles were done and Xander, and whichever other of his friends/associates you like (from any fandom), were put into suspended animation.

When it's discovered that Simon Phoenix is targeting the leader of the Wasteland Scrap, the present-day Council fears Phoenix will agitat...
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