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Author lothlorien

While watching The Golden Compass, I wrote this one-shot:
One of my reviewers (MajinJohnTitor) asked me to make a story of it, but I'm afraid I just don't have the inspiration. So I'd be very happy to see someone adopting this story.

Basically, Xander is somehow sent to Lyra's world where he eventually joined the Gyptians on their quest which ends with the scene in my story. I'd like you to write the beginning of the story.

Wants: Xander appearing to be harmless and playing the Zeppo only to later surprise...
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Rule 151: . "Springtime for Voldemort" is not an acceptable suggestion for the class play.

The war is over and most of the seventh years have to re-take the year because they just couldn't pass it with the war going on. Draco Malfoy is one of them. Dawn is a newly discovered wand witch, so Buffy sends her to Hogwarts. Neither of them is happy with this arrangement. Dawn comes up with a cunning plan - they are going to get expelled by putting on a show tittled "Springtime for Voldemort". But you know what they say, the best laid schemes of mice and men, often go wrong.

Based ...
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You can guess from that unbelievably original title just what this challenge is all about. That's right, it's a btvs/beauty and the beast cross. and I'm talking Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Anyway, I'd like to see Xander, the son of the village idiot Drusilla, reject the village womanizer Angel and be kidnapped by the shallow prince-turned-beast aka Spike. You don't have to keep to the plot entirely and I'd love to see some longer stories, but other than that, I don't have many demands. Only that you don't make Xander weak. He's a strong person and is not one to be pushed around. T...
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Xander goes on a road trip. But he doesn't go alone. Cordelia goes with him. Their car has a blowout and they have to stop at the Frankfurter's castle. Much hilarity ensues.
Want: - Cordelia having a near panic attack over the 'fashion' in the house (focus on Columbia and Dr. Frankfurter)
- Xander having a homophobic attack
Do not want: - do not replace RHPS character with BtVS characters
You don't have to stick to the story, just have fun with it.
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BtVS/The chronicles of Riddick
ok, here goes: Xander gets transported to Hellion Prime. How is up to you - it can be a wish, a spell gone wrong... whatever. When the Necromongers come, he's captured and like Riddick he refuses to bow. What happens after that is up to you.
I want: - Xander/Riddick slash - it's not necessary, but very much desires
- I'd like to see Xander's hyena possession waking up and reacting when he sees the hellcats in Crematoria
- Xander being mouthy and dismissive when threatened by the Lord Marshall
I don't want: - a dom/sub or alpha/beta relationshi...
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My challenge is based on the song Michael by Franz Ferdinand. Therefore it should be a song fic. I would like to see one of these scenarios:

1. Spike goes to Babylon and sees Justin. Michael starts playing... You can guess what happens...
2. Xander goes to Babylon and is seen by Brian. Again, Michael is playing.
3. Spike/Xander goes to Babylon. It's a karaoke night and somebody sings Michael to a specific person - preferably Spike/Xander. Things evolve from there.

Be as graphic as you like - the higher the rating, the better.
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