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Author Cordyfan

This challenge was partially inspired by DeepBlueJoy. It occurred to me that while there are numerous fics with Ilyria in the present day or future, I don't recall any being specifically centred on the time of her reign as an Old One. The challenge, therefore, is to write a fic where we see Ilyria at the height of her powers, either through her own eyes, or perhaps one of those groups who were mere "squalling infants" at the time. How did these younger peoples and groups survive in a universe/hell-verse dominated by the Old Ones, and not only survive, but remain to prosper?

While I...
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I've never been much of a fan of Anita Blake and the associated supernatural world. Virtually every crossover fanfic seems to have one or more Scoobies transported to the Anita Blake-verse and forced to live with its rules. For a change, how about if Anita and some of the supposedly more powerful vampire and were figures from that universe suddenly find themselves in Sunnydale, faced with a distinctly unimpressed Sunnydale nightlife and Scoobies.

Must have:

Anita being smacked down (literally or metaphorically) by Buffy
The local demons and vampires dealing with the sup...
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Buffy has a real problem. Suddenly the Council has developed a very warped sense of humour. What happens when two of the ditziest Potential Slayers of all time (Hillary Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Harmony Kendall) become her training responsibility?
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