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Author MountainKing

Yeah, okay, here's one for you.

Xander as the Phantom, AKA Ghost Who Walks.

The Phantom is, if you don't know, a pulp fiction comic hero from the 30's, in the same vain as The Shadow and the original Flash Gordon. Basically he's a Batman like character with no real super powers, but a man trained to the hight of physical ability.
He's usually a master swordsman and crack shot with both pistols and rifles. Other than his reliance on guns he is fairly standard. Save for a few details.
The Phantom is a Jungle Lord that has a trained collection of animals at his disposa...
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Here's an idea I love, but I can't seem to get it off the ground.

During Buffy's Sixth Season Tara left Willow because of the red head's magic addiction. Sure, we know this, but what we don't know is just what she got up to during the couple of months before she came back. What if she met a strange man with a magic blue box and found herself on a journey across time and space?

Basically the challenge is what if Tara spent a couple of adventures as a companion to the Doctor shortly before her untimely death? The idea is that throughout her adventures she learns to forgive Will...
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I need to get something resembling a life.

Mostly out of curiosity I tracked down a few episodes of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and had a really evil idea.

Tara is, after the gun shot, resurrected in Equestria and ends up in ponyville as, of course, a new pony. Not much else to it there shouldn't need to be.

This is to anyone and everyone, go for it!
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Something I've been toying with for a while is a Buffy Vs the Daleks story.

Set some time during season 4, the idea is that in the middle of Adam's master plan a Dalek arrives, derailing everything in sight. The whole point of this idea is chaos, a single Dalek unleashed on the population of Sunnydale.
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is a target. We are talking one seriously ticked off psychotic dustbin. In this story it really should live up to the description of "A living blob of hate." Not even park benches should survive if they come across the mobile menaces path.

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Exactly what the title says. A crossover featuring the main scoobies being trapped in the "Tron" computer universe.
Malcolm (AKA Moloch, the demon scanned onto the internet in season one) is salvaged and, after a while, traps his enemies in a computer system he's taken over. Can they escape, or are they doomed to be banished into the Game zone where losing means deletion...
It can set in be any season, just not the comic season 8 and please no out-of-character slash.
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