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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Kiyleeee

I am addicted to Xander. What I would like to see is a Psych crossover slash with an established Shawn & Lassie couple. For some reason Xander leaves Sunnydale (I would like for this to take place around season 3 or 4) and Lassiter rescues him from some horrible situation (Xander whumpage is okay). Somehow Xander ends up helping Shawn with Psych and camping out in their spare room. Then the kinky 3 way can begin! I would like it if Shawn and Lassie LOVE Xander and want him to be a real part of their relationship, but that is just because I am a big romantic. Also, graphic smut is a plus, w...
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First of all I would like a Xander/Tony pairing, but I would like the story to be set in Sunnyhell. I would like the story to be a Song Fic somehow utilizing the lyrics to the Robbie Williams song Radio. The following lyrics belong to Robbie Williams and his record label, as far as I know.

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

He's chosen my attic
I feel it in the static
He lives in my basement
And I can hardly face it
My performance is easy
I am the god of romance
And in my confusion
I have the right to reign

He's stolen my Oscars
He ...
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I would like to see a story where Strife from The Adventures of Young Hercules (he seems to cute to me in this series) is paired with Angel or Spike...or hell even Xander or on the outside at the most extreme Giles. I would love for it to be a heavy angst, yet still humor filled fic. I would also like some chain Strife down to the bed sex. Ultimately though, I would like it to be a happy ending with Strife being loved and wanted. There is not enough Mischief in the world! Oh, and please, if we could avoid the "Willow's spell gone wrong" for an excuse at sucking Strife into the fandom cliche th...
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