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Author LilNezumi

The “one who sees” saw something at such a critical time that it changed the outcome of many things. Example: Xander's been around many portals that opened or closed, what if he saw something?

What if he saw something in any of them:

A) It causes him to change his mind about offering a "ring" either in marriage or some other reason to a significant other?

B) He refuses to accept a ring for some reason because of something he "saw"?

Would like the following in answer to the above "what if" of A or B:

1) at least 10 000 words (complete story...
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Write a YAHF story about the "Gloves of" and fill in the blank. Think about this a little. Who wears the gloves, what are their personality, what are their talents.

All story titles should begin with "Gloves of", for example: "Gloves of Mickey Mouse", "Gloves of Rocky", "Gloves of The Flash", "Gloves of Lucius Malfoy", "Glove of Santa Claus", etc... Everyone wears gloves at one time in their life. So figure out who they are and have a Scooby add them to their original costume for some reason or another.

Any universe welcome, any character welcome, any pairing combo welco...
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Super Simple Challenge (see # 1), If interested in more (see # 2, follow-up story)

# 1… Re-write the intro-narration of Law & Order to fit with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Standard "Law & Order" intro is:

“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.”

Law & Order (original series)


Here’s a sample of what I’m looking for:

“In the...
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Movie "Simply Irresistable"

Synopsis of movie: Lead female is a small time cook who cooks up terrible meals until one day, accidentally falling for someone in the marketplace she begins to cook up fantastic dishes. She discovers near the end of the film that her emotions were going into her food and causing everyone to react as though the emotions were their own.

Challenge: Get any BtVS or Angel character, cook their emotions into food. Any cross-over accepted (think café situation or something, maybe bar specials).

Let's keep this very simple, must contain:...
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My SIMS "Kingdoms", YAHF-Story Challenge

Preferred - Xander-Centred, but not necessary.
Choose a lesser used character like Andrew.
Can be from Angel or Buffy-verse.

Someone dresses up as a "Wandolier" from the SIMs game at Halloween.

Wandolier abilities:
1) Extract "Essences" from the world without harming it. (Essences have names like, "Mana" looks like flasher rainbow light inside a crystal, "Music" comes in the form of music notes, "Tires" big old radials, "Amber" stones in a hexagon shape, "Lumber" wooden logs, "Simoleons" is money and can be ch...
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It may look long, but it’s really simple. Just follow the steps outlined below:

1) First you absolutely need a Atlas or a World Globe for this challenge or it’s less fun and less unpredictable.
2) Close your eyes and keep’em closed after reading the next four steps.
3) Spin the globe or flip the pages of your atlas.
- a. Stop the spinning globe with your finger.
- b. Stop flipping the pages of your atlas, random move your finger over the page and then stop.
4) Open your eyes and look at the word that your finger is resting on.
5) That is...
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It may look long, but it’s really simple. Just follow the steps outlined below:

1) Pick up any dictionary that you have lying around and it doesn’t have to be just English. Writers… I know have more than one and most likely even dual language ones, all is welcome.
2) Close your eyes and keep’em closed after reading the next four steps.
3) Flip the pages back and forth.
4) Stop with the dictionary open.
5) Let your finger travel and the stop.
6) Open your eyes and look at the word that it is on.
7) That is your mystery dictionary word and your s...
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"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort – by Herm Albright".

Quoteable Quote is an interesting web site, and I stumbled across this one particular quote that hit me as being an ab-sol-utely perfect one to use for a Harmony-Centred story.

The Challenge, the story must contain, at least four of the following:

1) When did Harmony discover this fact? (i.e.: how old was she)
2) The quote has to be found somewhere in the story and affect her in some way.
3) How did she transform herself...
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