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Author BrotherBludgeon

“What do we do when we wake? Keep both eyes on the sky. What do we do when we sleep? Keep one eye on the sky.” Of course, some people only have the one eye in the first place.

Xander is 39 years old and living in the world of Reign of Fire. He’s responsible for the surviving Slayers, Willow and Buffy both having died in 2008 trying to fight the first dragon outbreak (dragons are resistant to magic).
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Xander is a Silvertongue, as evidenced by the fire that appeared when he spoke in front of one of Giles’ books.

He’s discovered by a witch, one who was read out of a book by the Silvertongue Mortimer before his wife Risa was taken into Inkheart. For anyone who saw the movie, Mo had read things out of books before he'd ever got his hands on Inkheart, so it could be a witch from any fairytale he might've read to his daughter.

The witch was able to determine how she’d come to our world, but unable to locate the one who had brought her because he was constantly on the ...
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In an effort to score points Buffy, Xander buys a Lord outfit to match her Lady. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the Scoobies, that Lord happens to be John Clayton, Viscount of Greystoke, better known as Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.

Lady Elizabeth is really into him. He, of course, politely declines out of his love for his wife Jane. When the crap hits the fan, he decides enough is enough. He dashes into the Summers’ kitchen, grabs a knife, and strips down to a loincloth before going out vampire hunting in the suburban jungle.

Remember that Tarzan, once he's been educ...
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