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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author JCHatten

A new student is coming to Sunnydale.
Bond. Jenny Bond the Nice of James Bond. And a female Teenage version of her uncle.

Send to Sunnydale by her family and uncle in hope that she will be safe from some Super-Evil-World-domination-organization she gets her eyes on Xander together they have to defeat the evil organization hunting her. And the vampires of Sunnydale.

Bonus points if the hyena or Halloween episode is somehow mixed in.
Extra Bonus points if you can give Giles a reason to be terrified of the name Bond.
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Trouble with Scapegoat
What if a enemy Evil-spike/Watcher/Mayor/Initiative Adam. One of them manage to kill Buffy or Faith and put the blame on Xander causing him to be attacked and left for dead by a revenge filled Angel/Giles/Joyce.

Surviving Xander has to prove he is innocent and bring revenge down on the people that framed him.

Bonus point if you Xander life is saved someone that normally a enemy and make it believable because the enemy of my enemy is my friend and Xander enemy is also a enemy of them.. Example Margret Walsh because Adam and the law is after her. / ...
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