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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author SadJack

Xander gets stuck in American server of Sword Art Online.

I would like to see a true SAO break down with Xander (In his own Xander way) in a Kirito fashion.

From World "World of Swords" events to the "Return". (Just true Aincrad storyline. NO MAGIC!!!)

1- Dedication- As SAO only did 75 floors and only did it in 12-13 episodes. I would like to see a complete breakdown for each floor with multiple chapters if necessary.
2- Involve others from BTVS if necessary (3 Max). However do not allow Willow, Tara, or Jenny/Janna to be trapped in game with them....
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A Sword Art Online crossover story with Xander being the center figure.

What would happen if Xander were to dress as a Kirito or another character from SAO on Halloween?

Write a Xander centric story that would have him gaining the capabilities of an SAO player. Living his life in the Death Game .

Or...What if Xander was a gamer and he whanted to test out a single player VRO that is BTVS?
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After reading McGregor's "I am what I am" for the thirtieth time. I came to a startling idea.

Why not make a Xander centered Epic story crossed with either the video games Crono Trigger or Crono Cross.

There is to my knowledge 3 possibly 4 different portal locations known in Sunnydale that could provide a good placement for Time Portals.
1-The Hellmouth or area surrounding it. I.E. Master's Cave, or School Basement.
2-Crawford St. Mansion. Where Acathla's Portal was established, or Angel's drop back in from Hell.
3-The Area around Glory's Tower.
4???-Where E...
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The Best that Normal can do.
The challenge is to write a Xander-Centered story, that runs off the bases of Xander being nothing but normal (I.E. No Hyena/No Halloween Soldier)
Doing this, you write out his commitment to becoming stronger and more skilled as a normal human.
Basically turn him into Batman without being Batman.
Make him a newly created original concept. Very little crossover to effect him directly.
Allow him to see the fight from the capabilities of a normal and then give him the drive to be more that JW never gave him.
(So far the closest one that I have...
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YAHF-Make Xander wear the costume of Solid Snake and leave behind the memories/training for him to build upon. (Reminders to the story "Dead Man Walking") Tweak his training to encompass new forms in which he can rely upon for combat with mutiple (2-5) demons if necessary.

-No Slash
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Xander goes as a SOLDIER for Halloween. Using Final Fantasy 7 "Crisis Core" as a base. Make Xander a SOLDIER cadet in the middle of his final testing as Zack was. After the bust of Janus is broken leave him with the memories/training/capabilities of a SOLDIER. Please do not have him be Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth or any other of the mainstream characters of FF7. It is more interesting if you make it an unknown and build it as a personal creation.

-Abilities cannot equal or exceed a Slayer (But must be greater than a normal human)
-Bonus for F/X ship
-No Slash
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Make Xander a Devil/Demon Hunter with Capabilities of Dante at 1/3 to 1/2 Ability. Do not give him a "Devil Trigger", but maybe a "Special Attack" of a more Human capability. Bonus for a B/X or F/X ship. Bonus for a "Dawns true Parents" story arc. Bonus for incorporating music to listen to in battle scenarios.

-No Slash
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Make Xander a Belmont but not of the direct line. Give him only one third ( 1/3 ) capabilities of the Belmont Hunters. Incorporate Sword, Whip, Cross, and Speed/Agility training/or abilities. No direct Castlevania interludes, make this a Belmont "Retainer" Story make. Maybe allowing for Adrian or Richtor in for training but nothing else.

-No Slash
-Bonus for Epic Story
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Give Xander the abilities of a "WoW" Paladin up to Level 20 without the Redemption/Resurrection ability. Must start the story 6 months to a year before "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and continuing throughout the series and finally updating using the comic storyboard for continued story use. Abilities and Powers cannot be made to be stronger than the slayer (Cannot have Strength,Speed,Agility,Healing or any other Enhancements that match a Slayer, just somewhere between a human and slayer.) Paladin Aura's are a required ability. Sword and Hand to Hand Combat training are a "MUST". As well as a Bloo...
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