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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Cmiller

Okay the challenge is that one of the Buffy female characters is the reincarnation of Helena G. Wells' daughter Christina.

Suggestion one - Character Faith

Having Faith's childhood(up to author) come into play, maybe have Mrs. Fredricks recruit Faith Post-coma can be anytime maybe even have her catch Faith before the body swap. have start before HG's de-bronzing. preferred followed canon up to Wells' debronzing. Would like to see Myka/HG pairing, with Faith calling HG 'Mama Wells' and Myka 'Mom' mostly playfully. Faith and Pete pulling pranks. And Scoobies later in the s...
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Buffy/Mass Effects 2 crossover challenge

Okay so here's the challenge...

Take your favorite Slayer, be it Buffy, Faith, Kendra or one of the Mini's and put their thoughts, memories, and experiences into Commander Shepard... be Shepard male or female doesn't matter.

You could have the Slayer's mind resurface gradually over the course of the game play or you can have it come back when Shepard wakes up.


Pairings can be femslash, het or slash don't care.
Shepard uses a phrase or verbal vomit that's common to Buffy or Faith. (if another S...
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The challenge is that Faith's birth dad is one of Rachel's dads. The idea is that in a last ditch effort to confirm his sexuality which ever Berry(of authors choosing) man slept with Faith's mother but that Berry man is Rachel bio-dad. Time frame is set during Glee back 9 of season 1 and after series final of BTVS and A:TS.

Must Haves:

-Faith had to have lived with the Berry's for at least Rachel's first few Years of life and to have visited one time after Sunnydale became a crater (Rachel should be around 9-10ish).
-Faith having sang a song (of authors choice) to Rac...
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The basic plot is that Faith some how ends up in Ancient Greece as well as on Amazon territory. Preferred Time-line is After Season 7 of Buffy and Before "the Quest" episode of Xena.


Faith could be either knocked out from the time jump/portal/method of authors choice or she is arrested by the amazons.
Faith should be found just before Ephiny goes to find Gabrielle.
Faith flirts with all the amazons.

Would like

Ephiny/Faith pairing if possible.
Faith and Xena fight/Spar at least once (who wins depends on the author or they end in a dr...
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The challenge is to have Faith as Revan in some way shape or form. For Example:

Faith is Revan in a parallel life

Or Faith is de-aged by the Powers that Be and given the chance to do good in another dimension (KOTOR-verse). She is raised as Revan.

Or Faith is Revan taken by the PTB to be called as a slayer but is sent back to after the fight with the First. When she is sent back it should be believable to make it fit both time-lines as best as possible.

Must Haves

-Faith is a Slayer(seeing as she was called)
-Faith becomes a Jedi
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