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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author ElessarNett

While in canon, we had Buffy come back intact and normal, if highly depressed and borderline suicidal. In this, I want Buffy to have come back differently after her resurrection, with more consequences than just 'Spike can hit her now.'

I want you to come up with, and write a story with, a fundamental change in Buffy's character, personality, physical being, or whatnot as a direct result of her resurrection. This can be obvious right away, or make itself clear over a period of time after the resurrection. As a direct result of this change, I want the crossover universe to get invo...
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This is a pretty simple challenge. I want you to give Buffy a twin, someone who she is close to due to this. The twin can be from any crossover, or can be an original character, or you can play with changing Dawn into Buffy's twin instead of a little sister.

Also, if you wish, other Buffyverse characters can be modified into Buffy's twin, if you wish, though be careful with this. Xander, Willow, and all of Buffy's parental figures and canon love interests are out. Otherwise, go wild.

It can start anywhere you wish in the series, but the twin must have known, at absolute l...
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After Oz leaves, Willow is devastated, and turns to the Wicca group at UC Sunnydale, where she would meet Tara. In this challenge, replace Tara with any witch from the Harry Potter series, age 18-22. For whatever reason, this witch, after leaving school, has gone to U.C. Sunnydale (Muggle Studies? Hellmouth research? The possibilities are endless.) and they are the ones who Willow notices at the Wicca group, and goes on to fall in love with. What changes happen to the Scooby gang when they have a fully-trained wand-witch at their side?

Make slight modifications to HP canon as nec...
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I'm surprised I've never seen a one with this idea before. In this story, at some point, Willow Rosenberg is called as the Slayer.


*Willow is called as the slayer normally, before she turns 18; since her birthday is never mentioned, assume before the end of season 3.
*Willow and Buffy are both slayers at once; so no killing off Buffy or leaving her out of the series. She is called after Buffy's first death, Kendra's canon or non-canon death, or Faith's non-canon death before the end of season 3.
*No Buffy-bashing. Seriously, way overdone.

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