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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author DarthPayne

I just recently got the game WET for the Xbox 360, and noticed that Eliza Dushku voiced the main character Rubi Malone...

My challenge is this...
1: Faith is the younger twin sister of Rubi Malone.
2: Faith and Rubi were seperated by the Council.
3: Rubi finds Faith in Sunnydale *before* she joins the Mayor.
4: Rubi's actions in defending her sister creates a rift in the scoobies ending with Xander and Jenny joining Rubi and Faith.
5: In trying a spell to make Xander see things her way and come back to her creates a strong bond between members of team Malone.
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This challenge starts on helloween where in answer to Buffy dressing as the 'noble' woman Xander decides (after stealing the remaining booze money from his 'fathers' wallet) to dress up as what he thinks is a noble man from Italy.

After the spell Xander retains the knowledge and skill of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze from after the ending of ACII.

Shortly after halloween a rift starts to grow amongst the Scoobies over Xander deciding to use these skills.

Because of this rift and an argument with Willow, Xander decides to go on his road trip a little early to see if he can...
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This challenge might not be all that original, but i figured, what the heck...(I got this idea seeing the trailer for the cancelled PS3 Highlander game)

Around the time of Halloween Xander is a huge fan of the Highlander movie(the 1st movie, not the suck-tackular sequels) and figures he'll go as an original character.

*** ***
This is the summary of the PS3 Highlander game:
You are Owen MacLeod...the Highlander. Born over 2000 years ago and still alive, you are Immortal. Moving through the centuries you have fought to survive against other Immortals in legendary battle...
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Xander dressed as Darth Maul, didn't know it was him at the time as Ethan told him it was a Zabrak Jedi Warrior. (He turned out as a grey force user after helloween.)

Willow dressed as Mara Jade, she was told by Ethan that she was the student of Xander's character. (Perhaps Darth Willow shows up early?)

Joyce dressed as Siri Tachi. (Due to this she physically de-ages to the age of Siri at the time of her death.)

Jenny dressed as Sera Keto.

2: BTVS/Stargate SG-1.
In this one Joyce dressed as Sam Carter from the final episode she ...
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This particular challenge is a combination of two challenges I've posted elsewhere.

This challenge also crosses BTVS/Blade Trinity/Witchblade/Stargate SG:1.

The Witchblade is in this reality an Alteran/Ancient weapon against the Wraith.

Stargate SG: 1 time line must also be set 3+ months before the series starts.

I see this story start one of two ways:
1: Xander stumbles on Ethan dumping a handful of armor pieces and a broke sword in a dumpster behind his shop. Xander then walks over to the dumpster and tries to have a closer look at them when Ethan walk...
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