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Author SincerelyPinkPanties

So, my guilty pleasure is dance movies. ALL dance movies. I'm partial to the hip-hop ones (Step Up 1 & 2, Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard), but pretty much all dance movies. My favorite is Step Up 2 - between Will Kemp, the fracking awesome dance scene at the end, and the utter cute-ness of Moose, I am totally lost.

My two biggest problem with the movie (besides some of the rather cheese-tastic dialogue: "I didn't know you could Salsa?" "There's a lot you don't know about me, Andie." Really? REALLY? And I'm gonna vomit) was the relationship between Andie and Chase (that's his...
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Must haves:

*One of the Scoobies (preferably Xander) finds out that they are the child of Lianne Mars & Jake Kane, given up for adoption before anyone even knew Lianne was preggers, hence Jake & Celeste's (rather seperate) worries that Veronica is his as well (they are both aware of Xander's existance).
*Veronica is with either Eli/Weevil or Logan (or Mac, if your into femslash).
*The Scooby of your choosing, must move to Neptune now that their parents are dead and enroll at Neptune High as a senior (set during VM season1, BtVS season3), living with the Kane's, of cour...
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LotR/BtVS crossover w/ Faith as the main character.

Somehow Faith gets transported to Middle Earth right before the Fellowship is formed. How this happened, where she gets dumped, anyone else that goes with her, and pairings are up to you, but she has to join the Fellowship.

Bonus points if you use this at some point:

{"So you are the warrior [ ] spoke of. I envisioned someone...taller," [ ] said with a smirk.
Now Faith didn't normally have the same problems B seemed to have with her somewhat diminutive size, but this was the absolute last straw. Sh...
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