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Author efphrim

2 days after Jessica Harris dies in a car crash her 15yr old son, Xander, is sent to live with his father, Jethro Gibbs.
Now I'm really going to screw with the timeline of both shows. :P
In this fic I would like it if Gibbs met Shannon way later then he did in the show. Him and Shannon have been married nine years and have a daughter, Kelly, who is eight. Gibbs has already retired from the military and works at NCIS with his team members Tony, McGee, and Ziva. (Kate has already died by Ari.)
Xander shows up at NCIS with a back-pack full of his things and a birth certificate with Gi...
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Out of all the new and exciting ways to die on a hellmouth Xander has to die of a stray bullet. But like everything that dies on the hellmouth he doesn't stay dead. After an agonizing 3 minutes the EMT's manage to stabilize him and rush him to the hospital, but during those 3 minutes Xander has been changed drastically. Now having one foot in the world of the living and one in the world of the dead - the ghost dead, not vampire dead - he feels himself being called north. On his way he stops in Santa Barbara where he gets himself into some trouble playing the white knight and ends up meeting ou...
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Crossover of Babylon A.D. an Buffy. You know the one with Vin Diesel. (So hot.)
Go wild!
Xander as the main character instead of Aurora. Vin's character. Toorop I think.
Faith's got to be in there somewhere.
Mpreg is a definite plus. Slash isn't necessary but a plus as well!
Anything else: Surprise me!
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Title: Only an Accident
Henry Fitzroy/Xander fic
Kind of like a To Boldly Go fic, a crossover between Buffy and Tanya Huffs Blood books.
Henry is wounded badly during a fight for territory with another Nightwalker, and grabs the first human who crosses his path. He puts his bleeding hand over his captives mouth and some off his blood manages to drip inside, creating an accidental child.
Instead of heading toward Oxford (Oxnard?) Xander decides a whole new country might be better for him. He brakes down in Vancouver, and gets a Job as a striper. After Xander gets off late from w...
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