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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author InSmithereens

Instead of getting a soul after his challenges, Spike gets a new life so he can be the man Buffy deserves. This new life involves attending Hogwarts.
-Spike would be in the Trio's year (so a year older than Buffy)
-He's as close to his mother as he was in his original life, she's still sick and frail.
-If possible, he should be sorted into Hufflepuff, given how sweet he was in life.
-Bad poetry would be nice!
-He doesn't have to be vamped, but he does need to meet Buffy at some point, so should be able to take care of himself (he could have been a member of DA)... And somet...
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Crossover with 'Mean Girls'. One of the plastics is a new slayer. Dawn has to infiltrate their clique to get her on side. Set post-s7, and pre- Mean Girls movie. Any pairings are welcome.
Their must be at least one Burn Book entry and awkwardness (remember, Dawn isn't exactly the 'Spordelia' Buffy was).
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