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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author sera

Buffy and Nick were best friends before she moved to Sunnydale.
After she did they kept in touch, when Nick starts seeing things he calls Buffy who drags Dawn along with her to see him
Nick knows Buffy is the slayer which is why he was so accepting of the Grimm stuff
Buffy/Nick and/or Buffy/Monroe
Television > Grimm • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Mar 12]
Buffy is Kenzi's cousin
after the collapse of Sunnydale Buffy tracks down Kenzi only to find her living with a succubus.
Buffy/Vex or Buffy/Hale
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Buffy R.E.D crossover
Buffy never went to L.a when she ran away she went to stay with her Grandmother and joined the family business
so after Sunnydale collapsed still upset with her friends betrayal goes to stay with her grandmother Victoria just before Frank shows up on her doorstep injured
Would like to see
Ivan as Buffy's grandfather
Buffy and Sarah bonding over shoes
Buffy/ William Cooper
Movies > Other-Action • Responses [1] • Date Added [18 Nov 11]
Buffy doesn't die after jumping through Glory's portal she ends up in the world of priest where she is found by the clergy after seeing her fighting vampires they recruit her for the priest
would like to see
Buffy/black hat or Buffy/priest pairing
Buffy crashing her bike at least once
Buffy insulting the clergy
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Buffy/Spartacus crossover
In a bid to get rid of the slayer Buffy is sent back in time to ancient Rome where she is captured and brought as a slave.
would like to see
Buffy fighting and winning against a gladiator
Buffy/any male pairing
Ilithyia dead
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