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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Peaslums

More a character piece, but has it's points for action and other genres. Could be a pairing, up to you.

Xander is out searching for slayers for the new council, when he gets sent off after a girl about his age who seems to be stronger and faster than a normal person. Her name: Eleanor Lamb. She's new to this world, and has only been fully awake for a short amount of time, just long enough to try to save her father and escape the hell where she was claimed to be a savior.

Simple requests: Ideas Only here, of course it's all up to the author.
1) Eleanor can physically beat ...
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Haven't seen this YAHF before - Xander dressed as a soldier: one Carlos Olivera, which explains why he handled Jack so well. It's just that none of the zombies he remembered ever talked, so O'Toole was a bit of a shock. Now how scary can a vampire be now that he's fought tyrants, hunters, and the like?

For a Powered-Xander twist: Xander remembers everything up until the very end of Carlos' life, including being bitten. Well, the hellmouth has first dibs on the whole dying/disease thing and a little magic gets added to the mix. Cue the mutation maestro.

For a Darker fic: Xand...
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In the SG-1 episode Window of Opprotunity, Jack and Teal'C realize and manage to correct the time loop. What they didn't realize is that there were other individuals around the world who were stuck living that loop over and over as well. The episode seemed unlikely (even though it was one of the best) in that there were only two people out of the entire Earth who knew.

And that's all I'm going to say.

Happy writing.
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