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Author cloudleonsgurl

An idea from my Fanart story. I, thanks to a review, decided to post it as a challenge and I hope someone will pick it up.

The Avengers think Tony is going crazy.

The Scoobies think its a side effect for bringing Buffy back.

Tony and Buffy know it's something very different.

An error, a storm and a evil unwittingly connects two people together. Him, a man whose time is running out. Her, a woman forced to live once more. Their thoughts and souls brought together in a bond that tranverses dimensions and bring two worlds together to not only save them, but the ...
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Buffy tried to them, but the wouldn't listen. No one did. And now she was locked away in a padded cell with no way out.

But there is.

General Hawk pays a visit to his sister Joyce, intending on seeing Buffy as well. When he finds out what they've done he is furious. Realizing Buffy is more than what she seemed, he goes over her parents head and takes custody of her.

Only have two requests. #1: Buffy/Snake Eyes.

#2. Please have it set in the GI Joe movie. (This one is debatable)

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The council comes to Sunnydale to bring Kendra the Vampire Slayer and to warn Buffy that she is no longer the slayer and not to meddle into their business. Buffy is lost, her friends helping Kendra (even though the new slayer doesn't want it) and her reason for existence gone. Or so she thought. Her father, her real one, sends her a letter and on the front 'If the Worst Should Happen...' And it does. Her father, after several months being missing, is declared dead.

With Tony Stark dead, someone must take up the suit. Buffy his oldest daughter is asked to do so.

"I don't know...
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"Whoa. What's the rush, ma petit?"
"I'm running."

After killing Angel, Buffy runs to New York where she meets Gambit. It becomes clear that they are kindred spirits and Gambit takes her under his wing teaching her best of breaking and entrying and how to use a cool staff. Even gives a nickname 'Ace'. Everything seems to go smoothly, until she bumps into her cousin, Scott and Gambits ex Rogue, not to mention the rest of the X-men and Magneto. Good thing she's more stronger than a regular human.

Gambit/Buffy. That's all folks.
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Buffy died for the world again. The PTBs, decided to reward her by sending her to a world where she was supposed to have a normal life. But with a brother and his alien car, she gets pulled into a war over a pair of glasses? Seriously, with the name Buffy Witwicky, did they really believe that she could be normal?

Uh, just make sure no one knows Buffy secret right away. If there are pairings they are up to you. Have fun.
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Why did Chloe Sullivan go missing? Why was she erased from history as if she didn't exist, as if no one remember? That is until now.

Buffy jumped to save the world. Then suddenly finds herself, not dead. But in pain, where two lives merge into one leaving her with the question, 'Who am I? Buffy Summers or Chloe Sullivan?'

Not really much limitations. Only put with Bruce or Oliver. Unless you can realistically have her fall for Clark again.

And that she must be a superhero, of her own making.

That's it. Have fun.
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Buffy jumped, Buffy dies right?


Instead, she falls and before she hits the ground is caught by a guy with a blue suit with an 'S' on it. Whether it's Clark or Kon. It's up to you.

She then wakes up in a hospital and realizes she not only in place she doesn't know, she's freaking twelve. (at least twelve to fifteen).

Things get weirder when some clown guy decided to hold up the hospital. Well, can't let that happen now can we, Slayer? It can be humorous or very dark story. I think you'll be able to do both.

Oh, did she mention that after exten...
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Buffy didn't even have a chance to scream as she felt the hellmouth swallow her whole. Too bad no one told her that the hellmouth was more of...a gate.

After Season Seven

Buffy must be regenerate to a younger age. Like fourteen when Ed is eleven, so she'd be seventeen by the time Ed makes it to Liore for the first episode of the first anime series.
If you aren't going by the first one and are writing for the Brotherhood anime, then make her age like that. Reasonable.

#1. MUST STICK TO FULLMETAL STORY. Brotherhood or the first anime. The movie Conquer of Shambla, ...
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