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Author ThePunisher

Many stories, especially those of the YAHF genre, feature one of our beloved Scoobies kicking the crap out of Crossover Villain X. So, I figure, why not be more blatant about it?

Imagine a world where Kal-El's ship got sucked into a black hole, or Joe Chill did the smart thing and killed Bruce Wayne along with his parents, to keep himself from being identified to the cops. Imagine that Peter Parker didn't get bitten, that Charles Xavier was killed rather than paralyzed. Imagine that Voldemort did the smart thing, and only petrified Lily Potter before moving on to her son.

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On the night Harry Potter's parents were killed, Hagrid was delayed in getting to Godric's Hollow by the last thing anyone would expect: Traffic. The muggles had a huge pile-up nearby, which meant that Hagrid couldn't get to the house. And once it was destroyed, the Fidelius Charm was shattered, which meant anyone could get to it. Who should happen by, but young college student Pamela Isley, currently studying to get a Ph.D in Botany from Oxford. She takes him from the rubble, and adopts him.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Harleen Quinzel finds a girl, about a year old, who she learns...
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During the attack on the Ministry, Harry runs into a room filled with various kinds of sarcophagi. Taking a moment to rest, he disturbs one of them, and it expels a blast of air, infecting him with the spores of Illyria. He stumbles back, opening another sarcophagus, and is surprised when a snake-like creature leaps at him, burrowing into his body. He collapses into the second sarcophagus, and blacks out.

Some time later, Harry finds himself trapped inside his own mind. The sarcophagus has been healing Harry constantly, so the spores can't burn him out to make room for Illyria. And wi...
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A stray spell, cast by Harry's wand, kills/injures Lucius Malfoy in the graveyard (circa Goblet of Fire). The Ministry takes the opportunity to silence the 'insane Potter boy,' but can't put him in prison because of his age, and haven't had the opportunity to bad-mouth him enough to snap his wand. So, they come up with another solution: Bind his magic for ten (or however many) years.

Version One:

In a deep depression, Harry moves to America, specifically to California. There, he finds a holocron, programmed by the late Qui-Gon Jinn. It tells him he has the potential to become...
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On Halloween, 1981, Voldemort decided to be a little more imaginative than simply killing Harry. He decided to use a long-range teleportation spell to send the boy into space. Harry ended up in orbit, materializing inside a meteor heading for Earth. The only thing that saved Harry was his magic, which reacted to the sudden change the only way it knew how: Absorbing the odd radiation from the meteor, and allowing it to change Harry's DNA. The meteor crashed into the planet, just outside LA.

Fast Forward to 2003. Harry (or whatever name he's going by now) has lived in LA all his life. H...
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