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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author betascud

Faith receives a letter from her Real Father (yeah, how original), Micheal Knight. He had died recently and could not contact her earlier due to his undercover status. As the Foundation is no more, he left her some inheritance in the far away garage... a certain black Pontiac Trans Am '82. Faith does not receive this well and does not check out those claims immediately (maybe because she is in jail at the moment?), but once she has some time she finds the CoolCar... "Take care of KITT" her father had written and she does. She does...

Season: any, but probably it would work best in S3...
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A Buffy/Fallout 2 crossover.

The resurrection spell goes wrong and Buffy wakes at the beginning of F2, in Arroyo. She is immediately declared the Chosen One and must go through the Temple of Trials. Being suicidal and thinking it is hell does not really help. But (as stats in the game go) having 17 Strength, 300% Unarmed Combat and the Slayer Trait really do. Once she passes the Trials, she must search for the GECK, not necessarily wearing the ugly, 80-year old vault-suit. She will realize she is in the postapocalyptic future with no way home only once she arrives in San Francisco......
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So Eliza Duskhu was rumored to have been cast in Ghostbusters 3. Look at this little image from her twitter:

Now imagine a scene where Faith is in the same gear. When she goes after a ghost and eventually crosses the beams to win ;) She is still a slayer, just with a bunch of newbies (post-Chosen) she has to find some other supernaturals to deal with... and in New York there are some "bitchin' raves" for her to go to.

The plot: anything, but preferably during the second movie (i.e. they recruited her and not th...
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Remember how Fred was adoring Angel in early season 3 (AtVS)? Remember how in Carpe Noctem they were in an important conversation about 'let's be just friends', when suddenly Willow called about Buffy being alive?

Guess what? At that very point something inside Fred broke and she decided to take Buffy down - not necessarily kill her, but somehow remove her from the picture. She calls in a marker - an old acquittance from her studying days, an astrophysicist (either Carter, pre-atlantis McKay or Lee) - and moves to Sunnydale.

This challenge is about an alternate season 6 for B...
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