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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author AlecMcDowell

Post Chosen in Buffy time, Talia al Ghul witnesses Xander fighting and dying against a large group of demons in the middle of Africa. Despite showing no great skill she is impressed with his tenacity and character and retrieves his body for revival. After a dip in the Lazarus Pit, Talia begins a brutal training regime to whip Xander into shape before giving him a job as bodyguard to her son Damian.

Xander's not a big fan of the whole League of Assassins thing but Damian's an OK kid who needs someone to remind him that he is in fact a kid from time to time. Years later Xander follows ...
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Another idea where Xander's adopted, in this one, his mother was a whitelighter seduced by a darklighter specifically to create a hybrid child. When she realizes what has happened, Xander's mother hides her son in an orphanage, where he is eventually adopted by the Harris' and taken to Sunnydale.

Xander's totally under the radar on the Hellmouth until his powers start manifesting, after which both good and evil come recruiting.

-Xander has most of the usual whitelighter powers; healing, glamouring, sensing etc, but he also inherits magic from his father- either he's a seduce...
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After Xander dresses as his hero Captain America for Halloween, one important thing sticks around- his memory of where the plane went down. With the help of a locator spell and a trip to the Arctic Xander brings Steve Rogers out of the ice more than a decade before Tony Stark becomes Iron Man. With nowhere else to go Steve returns to Sunnydale to adjust to the modern world and help the Scoobies fight demons.

-SHIELD cannot be aware Captain America is free until after Iron Man 1 occurs.
-Steve will remember the events of Halloween
-Can take place after season 2, when Buffy i...
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Willow, through whatever circumstance is put in the position of choosing the gang's Halloween costumes. She doesn't want to go with super-heroes and spandex like Xander wants, and she doesn't want to dress in an 18th century style either. Her decision? Final Fantasy VII. Buffy gets Cloud's Advent Children costume and swords- the two are both small, blonde, and stuck with responsibilities they really wish they didn't have. Xander gets SOLDIER First Class Zack Fair's Buster Sword as both are cheerful and willing to go to extremes to help a friend. Finally, Willow chooses Genesis, a dramatic redh...
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