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Author fyretyger

There is only so much that Snow White and the Huntsman showed of Queen Ravenna's past. What if one of the things that caused her to become what she was at the end was more than just kidnap, rape, and abuse? What if the only thing that could have saved her from her insanity was taken from her at her most vulnerable and weakest time? What if that thing was her first and only child, a girl with golden locks and blue-green eyes, a girl that would become a queen in her own right? What if Ravenna's daughter returns only to find that her mother is dead and the one who killed her is a much beloved que...
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Between visits, Kendra and Buffy had become pen-pals and as close as sisters without being blood-related. Kendra confided to Buffy that she had an older brother who received updates about her from her watcher as a condition for Sam Zabuto to take her from her family. Kendra tells Buffy about the her brother, Jamil, and the life he leads. With the Kendra's death and Angel in hell, Buffy heads to St. Louis to look for the older brother to tell him of his baby sister's death.

One-shot, Series of One-shots, or Story

Up to the author:
~The circumstances of Buffy and Jamil meet...
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Light and Dark,
East and West,
The Chosen Two are best.

When Light is five,
And Dark, three;
Together they shall make the Keys.

With Glory gone,
And blood seen,
Light and Dark leave with Green.

When Past is Present,
And Present, Past;
Love and Family are found fast.

Slave or Queen,
Fate is done;
All that's left is Life to run.

Time: AU Season 3

~Faith doesn't kill Finch and doesn't become evil.
~Joyce adopts Faith.
~Faith and Buffy kill the Mayor.
~Buffy and Faith use the joining spell to ...
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Time: BtVS-Post Season 1 (preferably after Season 3).
Sailor Moon-any season before Stars

Idea: Before the Slayer, there was the Terran Royal Family (Endymion) who protected the Earth from demons. With the death of Endymion during the final battle in the Silver Millennium, Gaea, the Earth Spirit, created the Slayer to protect it and humans from the various demons that tried to take Earth over or destroy it. Because of these two events, Endymion and the Slayer are like twins with their connection to Gaea, the Earth Mother. With the split of the Slayer line, Gaea comes to B...
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