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Author lucyferr

This is an AU in both the Potterverse & the Buffyverse that breaks from 1975.

1955: Nikki Wood is born
Jan 1960 : Severus Snape is born
Sep 1970 : Severus & the Marauders start Hogwarts; the poor half-blood Slytherin soon becomes the target of the two rich pureblood Gryffindors and their lackeys.
Dec 1970 : fifteen year old Nikki Wood becomes a Slayer.
1973/74 : Nikki Wood's son Robin is born; Robin's NYPD father Li is already dead.
June 1975 : Marauders finally provoke Severus Snape to insult Lily Evans (Snape's Worst Memory). Unlike a true friend, she ref...
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The Watcher's Council routinely took/stole young girls from their families and brainwashed them into 'protector' roles. But not all girls were Slayers. Some were spies and agents placed in various positions around the world. One of them was assigned at a young age to be a 'protector and guide' - a Watcher, really - to the Boy Who Lived.

But the Watcher's Council is gone now, and their surviving agents have been told that the new administration will be better. They've been given the option of retiring with wonderful pensions, or continuing at much improved wages. The agent known as 'H...
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