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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Toraneko

This challenge was inspired by 'Headhunters' where Xander and Cordelia fall into the Hellmouth and end up in the Gears of War universe.

The premise of this challenge is that Xander falls into the Hellmouth at the end of season 1, but instead of ending up in Hell he ends up in a game universe, either as the main character or one of the secondary characters. He can either replace the character, or end up merged with the character. As an example, he could end up replacing the main character in one of the old King's Quest games, or he might get merged into the Hero in the game Fable. A po...
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One of the Scoobies starts playing a video game, and they are changed by it. I'm thinking that the game genre should be mmorpg, rpg, FPS, or a fighting game. The thought is that as one of the Scoobies plays the game they are slowly being changed into the character that they are playing.

1. The individual will slowly change to physically match the character they were playing, then gain all their skills, knowledge and memories, in that order.
2. The person being changed will not be able to notice the change until it is complete or it is pointed out to them.
3. The pers...
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Xander seems to always be in trouble. Demons, vamps, possessions, the works. What if there were a reason for it, what if the PTBs really do hate Xander and want him dead?

Basically this challenge is ever since Buffy came to the Hellmouth, Xander has been changing fate with almost every one of his interactions with her, so the PTBs decide to take action. The mantis demon, the hyena, the mummy, you could even make an argument about Moloch. When Ethan comes into Town, the PTBs get the idea to use his spell to get rid of Xander, so make it so his costume has permanent effects, or cause a ...
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This challenge is very similar to Challenge 310: Woke Up in Vegas, listed below, but it has added rules.

"Challenge 310:Woke Up in Vegas (When I Woke Up)
A BtVS or AtS character and a character from another genre meet up in Vegas and get really, really smashed. They end up in bed and MARRIED. Your story should pick up the next morning, when one or the other (or both) wakes up completely confused.

What comes next for the (un)happy pair? Do they stay together? Is there a reason why they can't separate? Are there long term consequences or just short term? And what do their f...
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