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Author souldriven

When the Scoobies rebuild the Watchers Council they make sure vengence demons agree to leave theirs alone. Except D'Hoffryn really wants Xander to pay for costing him two of his best girls and fortunately for the demon, there's a loophole. The agreement only started with the reformation of the Council. Any wishes made by its members BEFORE the Scoobies rebuilt the organization are fair game. What's a little time travel to a demon that can alter the very fabric of reality?

A seven year old Xander once wished Tony Harris was not his father and D'Hoffryn is going to make Alexander PAY w...
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Andrew in his usual sci-fi geek glory, won't shut up about the latest Star Wars related book/movie/game/tvshow/convention.

Sick and tried about hearing the same topic for DAYS, someone tells Andrew to shut up. Andrew retaliates by WISHING they could understand his love of all things Star Wars.

Cue whatever character you want in whatever section of the Star Wars series. Personally I nominate KOTOR but the choice is yours.
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To the members of SGC, they are the Ancients, an extinct race of aliens that built the Stargates.

To the Watcher's Council, Slayers, and Champions they are the Powers That Be, beings that drove out the true demons from Earth and strive to maintain balance.

To the Assassins and Templars, they are Those That Came Before, a race of technologically advanced aliens that bio-engineered the humans. All that remains of their true legacy are the Pieces of Eden and the temples rumored to protect the world from catastrophe.

Events conspire to bring these organizations together,...
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Did anyone else notice that dragon leave the portal at the end of season 5? When Buffy - Or Dawn (or whoever somehow manages to make the sacrifice in thier place) - jumps, she lands in Skyrim. Right on time to be ambushed by the Imperial Legion trying to capture the Stormcloaks.


The Scoobies somehow land themselves in Skyrim. Unfortunately they don't land in the same place. Some of them, like Buffy, search to reunite with the others while others, like Willow, immerse themselves in what the new world has to offer. All of them at one point become companions to the 'play...
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Honestly, this is a personal challenge I'm posting here because it's generic yet tricky enough to be fun for all. I'm working on this as we speak.

Rules of the Game
1. Naturally this Challenge is a YAHF
2. Xander-centered preferred but choices may very
2a. Bonus cookies for it being Oz-centered
3. The crossover must be with a series made or at least advertised before October 27, 1997, the Halloween episode airdate
3a. exceptions include revived series (ex: xmen, batman, TMNT, GI joes) if the newer series works better BUT original series must follow the main part of...
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Post-season 7 for BTVS

Xander feels himself at a loss of what to do with his life and more than ever feels like the girls and Giles don't need him anymore. To make matters worse/stranger, when the Japanese developed artificial blood vampires announced their presence to the world. Except these vampires aren't the demonic type of vampires Xander and everyone has been fighting for the past seven years (or are they?). Everyone is rocking from the upheaval and Xander is tired of being one of the outlets for people's anxiety. When Xander gets word from Anya he should visit her friend Eric i...
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TWEWY Challenge!

Which is really more of a funny 'what if...?' idea I have no intentions of writing and I figured I'd share the love. Pretty simple challenge. We all known the Magic Shop of Sunnydale is notorious for its short-lived owners. Well, what about the Espresso Pump? What if the Espresso Pump unexpectedly lost its owner to a random wild animal attack (or Gang on PCP mugging)? NOw imagine if Sanae Hanekoma aka Mr. H took over the popular coffee shop. How would the the change in managent effect the Espresso Pump's clientel? Will the new ownership effect the livs of the Soobies...
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I am surprised no one has done this. This challenge is pretty straightforward. I just want a fic where Captain John Hart meets the Scoobies after they mistake him for Spike. You can do whatever else you want pairing or story-wise.

although if you want more of a challenge;

-have John at least hit on Xander, Giles, and/or Andrew
- if he does flirt with one of the afore mentioned men have others present wig-outover the 'spike-a-like' flirting with said character(s).
- John flirt with a demon (i mean he's from the same century as Jack, he's almost obligated to do so)
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Okay so I've seen plenty of crossover fics where Wolfram, and Hart play the villains. It reminded me that not only is Wolfram & Hart an international law firm according to the Buffy-verse, but also inter-dimensional. So why not do a multi-cross centering on the idea that Wolfram and Hart defends villains throughout the multi verse? Thus this challenge is born.

Ideal Situation (as in I would REALLY like you if you did it this way):
- a multi-cross ficlet collection
- a focus on Wolfram & Hart defending villains of various series
- Wolfram & Hart trying to bring...
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I have seen a lot of different crossover ideas for Supernatural and Buffy but I haven't seen the one I thought would be there already.

The Winchesters originally lived in Sunnydale. When the yellow eye demon caused Mrs. Winchester's death, John Winchester discovers not only that the monsters that go bump in the night are real but his town is literally on top of the hellmouth. As a result, John often leaves Sam and Dean to deal with the problems in Sunnydale while he tries to hunt down the yellow eyed demon. This should give Dean and Sam a much more stable childhood even though demon ...
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