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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author moringstar

Xander gose a very specil soilder a member of the S.A.S. combat magician Sergeant Major William Gravel.
What kind of trouble could gravel get into on the hellmouth and effect would it have on xander.
you could have keep all powers and skill or just the skills. or you could give a vage memmery of every thing
and have xander stumble through this with a little help from giles.
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xander finds a magic versen of the omnitrix the allows him turn into deamons instead of aliens. Instead of have deamons in it should gather dna from deamons he gone up aginst so it collected there dna. should have a vampire, could include the judge, glory or other any others you can think off.
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What i am think is xander finds out about Khonshu form a book or a Museum and in a moment of desperation pray to Khonshu for help. there after he worship Khonshu and he skills and abiltys increes.

the three points to include blur the lines
1) there is a real supernatul ellment to Khonshu
2) it is explainded away as incress in confordence
3) as spider-man put Moony. Rhymes with looney."
or as my dad would say "as mad a bag of wet cats." balsic xander has final snaped under the pressure and that is the reason he fights so well is he gone insane.

I would lik...
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The basic idea is for xander to find out he has a gift for blood magic similar to what is found in dragon age 1 and 2 and use this power well going slightly nuts.


for willow when she was adicted to magic to find this knew source of power and to go nuts more quickly and be more of a threat to those around them.

One thing you could add is them injecting deamon blood into there body to access there magic with out cutting and burning the blood out of them taking a more phyiscial toal on them.
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My change is set around the judge be put back together. The idea is that instead of get the rocket launcher, he visit’s a daemon black smith asking him to make a soul sword similar to the one used by magick in the new mutants. It up to you how he finds out about soul swords, though reading a book at the library may be a good idea.
The soul sword itself can disrupt magic energies, constructs and creatures. It can also be used as item of power for magic. It disrupts even the most powerful magic as it passes through. It can shatter enchantments and destroy mystical creations and creatures,...
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