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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Genuka

Certain people dress up as one or more of the scoobies and either Ethan's original Halloween spell gets cast or a variation of it gets cast or you can reverse it and have the scoobies dress as certain people with ... unusual or interesting repercussions *evil grin*.

~It doesn't matter when you wrote the story as long as it fits everything else it qualifies.~ (See special note at bottom of challenge for proper reasoning.)

-This must be presented in a plausible manner even if you use magic or a technology that isn't fully understood.

-preferably in a multi-chapter for...
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You need to find some way of giving either the scooby gang as a whole or someone in the original scooby gang at least one major award. Even if you create the award yourself instead of using one already in existence.

SG-1 or the original 1st Atlantis team (Shepard, Tayla, Ronnan, McKay) must be present at the award ceremony and/or when the award was earned.

Bonus if The Doctor from Doctor who is present.

Super Bonus if Xander gets the highest sets of awards!!!!
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Dr. Jackson is visiting his friend and/or relative Dr. Giles in Sunnydale for Halloween. They dress up as each other. *maniacal laughter/cackle*

When Halloween's over both of them remember everything that the other knows including the slayer and the Stargate program.... What do you think is gonna happen next and how do they react to that knowledge?

This is just a plot bunny that escaped my brain and that I can't follow just now......


Just to clarify, I only originally listed it as Giles-centered because of how I thought he and Daniel would switch. It ...
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