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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author RedCalypso

There have been lots of crossovers with Marvel and DC and even Schlock, but how about something with Elfquest? YAHF comes to mind with a group theme. Xander could be Scouter easily, or he could wear a wig and be Cutter or Strongbow. Willow could be Leetah or Tyleet. Buffy could wear a wig and be any elf you choose, and there are plenty of brunette elves for Cordelia to go as if you want to include her. If Recognition is a factor you could really have fun with pairings.
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While marooned on the island, the men and women did what comes naturally (which I don't think they did in the original show). Gilligan pairs off with Mary Ann and the Professor pairs off with Ginger. Possibly they had the Skipper marry them, if that would count sans a boat of his own. Children resulted, of course. Gilligan and Mary Ann had, in birth order, Xander, Faith and Dawn. The Professor and Ginger had, in birth order, Cordelia, then twins Oz and Willow. To everyone's surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Howell had an unexpected change-of-life baby, who they named Buffy. Things went on as norma...
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Roughly 35 years before Buffy moved to Sunnydale, Anyanka paid a visit to New York City to grant a wish to a pregnant woman who was dumped by her boyfriend. The form the wish takes is up to the author, but the end result is Vincent of Beauty and the Beast. The two worlds collide when a character of your choice is in NYC searching for Slayers after the fall of Sunnydale.

Must have:
A "Happy Life"/SND theme, as far as I'm concerned the third season was a bad dream.

May have:
Vincent and Catherine having children.
Buffy and company being aware of this particular wi...
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What if Meghan Powers from Ellen Emerson White's series was among the Potentials awakened by Willow's spell? How could the First Daughter deal with the urge to hunt at night? Could she have prevented her kidnapping? What if she was Called after the kidnapping and her disabling injuries? Could Slayer healing restore her hand and knee to normal? If so, how could she explain it? If not, could Willow or the Coven heal her because a permanently injured Slayer would be vulnerable to her enemies?
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