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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author RivanWarrioress

Buffy time line: Whenever you like, although preferably after Willow meets Buffy and learns about the Supernatural.

What would happen if Willow, as a result of one of her spells going wonky; OR being attacked by some demon; OR after being attacked by another magic user, e.g Amy, Rack, Ethan, a character from another cross-over, is de-aged to her childhood, aged between 0-7. The Scoobies don't know what to do, and after Baby Willow is attacked, they realize that raising her on the Hellmouth is too dangerous.

They send her away so she can grow up safely. She has to go alone, ...
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I've read challenges and Stories which request that a Scooby/Scoobies are the older/twin brother or sister of a Harry Potter character, but there don't appear to be many with the Buffy character being YOUNGER than the Harry Potter Character.

What if Alice and Frank had another baby before they were tortured by Deatheaters?

What if Hermione's parents had another child that carried magical talent? We know that it's possible, because of the Creevey brothers.

What if Molly and Arthur didn't stop once they had their girl, and an eighth Weasley baby was born?

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