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Author budrick

i haven't seen many good crossovers with Dragonball / Z / GT . So i thought about putting this challenge up .

As you can see this is a crossover with Dragonball / Z / GT . As well as Stargate . Stargate becomes a part of this after the Scoobies have acquired the Dragonball abilities and powers .

Its a Halloween story and they decide ( unwillingly ) to dress up as characters from the Dragonball series ( all 3 ) ,It starts off with Snyder telling everyone to put a theme into a hat and whichever one comes out they have to dress up as characters from the theme , no exceptions a...
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The idea i had for this is simple ,

Hank is not her father and she has brothers and sisters she never knew about , some far away , some very close by . Her father is someone who liked to sow his wild oats far and wide over the years and is somewhat long lived which is a minor understatement for him and he has powers that are passed on to his offspring at various levels of power and abilities . Her father is a cast out Demi - God with the majority of his abilities bound , his longevity being the only exception of course .

This is an AU story which begins where nearly all the...
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This is a Buffy, Harry Potter, NCIS, Stargate and CSI crossover.

In the movie 2012 the Governments knew a couple of years ahead of what was coming, so being the fact that the Earth was being affected as it was , Magic was showing the Magical world what was going to happen 20 years before the Muggle world would even know.This means that the world has 20 years to work on saving life.

It's an AU story where the Magical Governments let the Muggle Governments know in advance what is going to happen and decide to join together to protect and save as much of both populations as poss...
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ok , this challenge is a big one .

i tried to submit this earlier but it would not take so this is the short version of the challenge .

Starts 6 months after the dale sank ,, 20,000 plus Slayers now exist,, WRH want to off them all and end the line fully, WRH call all branch heads except Angel for big meeting about the Slayer problem , they draw up plans and Angel hears about it through a spy and goes to warn the Scoobies but the PTB get in before him but don't give the whole story, D'Hoffryn knows and tells all because of Anya.The Scoobies have just 3 years to get all of th...
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All righty then ,,this idea for a challenge came out of the blue ,,It hit me from out of the blue when it was reading the latest chapter from " The Wizard of Sunnydale by JCHatten " .His idea for Dragon Girls ( Slayer spirit replaced by Dragon spirit ) was brilliant ,so i thought what if it was a different mystical creature . Of course Xander does not have magical powers in this challenge , lets make that clear. The only crossovers are to be the creatures themselves ,nothing else .

This is Xander based and is set during the Zoo Hyena incident ,, how you set this up is up to your imagi...
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This is a Buffy centered challenge that must start in the Harry Potter universe .

Harry and his friends all develop full Elemental powers , of course Harry's main one is lighting ,the others are as you see fit . As all things go the way they usually go for Harry and his friends ,their power grows to the point where they attain Godhood . Since they beat the bad guys to mush, they afterwards are thrown back in time about 100 to 200 thousand years and end up becoming the Greek Pantheon .

They watch over the local cluster of realities and Harry ends up having an affair with 2 mo...
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I had this idea a while ago and finally decided to put it here .Its an angst story centered around Faith and Xander.

The challenge is this ,, A few days after ,maybe a week or two , Xander and Faith had ground hips together in her motel room and she had thrown him out ,except in this she does not ,they find out via a surprise that shocks all the Scoobies , more so Xander and Faith .

It turns out that his father and her mother met in a bar in Boston when he was there during the one time he actually had a job . The two of them had gotten totally sloshed , headed to his motel r...
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The idea for this popped into my head and i do not think it has been done as i have not seen any like it .

The idea is this ,,

its Halloween ,Buffy cant decide what to go as , she was going to go as the noble woman but changes her mind , she thinks back to the books that Giles has and remembers a book about a certain Hell Goddess . Giles has brought random copys of books with him from merry old England . Buffy has to go to Ethans to get a couple of parts for her Glory costume and ends up zapped and turned into Glory for the duration of the spell ,, What powers she gets to k...
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For this challenge i thought about what would happen if Xander had found a wad of cash on his way to Ethan's that Halloween night and bought several costumes , 4 or more , because he could'nt decide which one's he wanted to wear . He then decides what the hell ,he decides to wear parts of them or all of them over one another , your choice .

Now i have seen a couple of storys where something like this happened but he was still whole mentally with no seperate personality's showing up . For this challenge there has to be seperate personality's . How they interact with Xander is up to yo...
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