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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author ravinpagan

Xander has a tattoo. He trains either slayers or watchers. At the end of their training, the recruits decide to get copies of Xander's tattoo.

The real crossover here is in how you integrate the tattoo and its meaning. Does Xander know about the Stargate, and have a copy of chevron seven on his arm? Why did he choose the tattoo, honoring a friend, stating a belief, connecting to a beloved bit of geekary?

Where is the tattoo on Xander, where do the recruits get theirs? Who among the Scoobys (if anyone) recognizes the tat and explains the meaning to the others/the reader...
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YAHF, maybe?

Xander as Archer from Fate/Stay Night(or developing Unlimited Blade Works by other means.)

Scene ideas and skill progression chart:(Feel free to ignore.)

Judge: No weapon forged? Try Excalibur.

Angelus in hospital: Kanshō and Bakuya in flight. Kill him off, cut off an arm, or send him running, I don't care.

Adam: "My body is made of blades"

Glory: Unlimited Blade Works, if the troll hammer can hurt her, what about a rain of Noble Phantasms?

No rezing Buffy. If she jumps, she either stays dead, or gets summoned ...
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The challenge is simple. There is an Anime titled "Familiar of Zero", in which the title character, Louise the Zero, summons a person, rather than the animal familiar she was aiming for. The challenge is to change who gets summoned, or maybe it's another character who summons the person.

My ideas for summons include:
Cannon Xander
Xander from Make A Wish(war)
Mr. Black(Death) from make a wish
Another version of Xander
Cannon Willow
Lina Inverse(This would most likely end the first time Louise tried to order Lina around, though.)

Feel free t...
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