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Author ScottWanderer

We know Halfrek the Vengeance Demon favors ignored and abused children. What if she approached Harry Potter during one of the times Hogwarts was against him? Since the Wish always causes suffering for those who have most wronged the party and often backfires on the wisher this could be very interesting.

Examples of When Halfrek might visit Harry
-In the Philosopher's Stone when Harry was snubbed by the Gryffidors for costing them so many points.
-In the Chamber of Secrets when most of the school thought he was the Heir of Slytherin.
-In the Goblet of Fire after the whole ...
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Xander lied about Oxnard. Through what can only be Harris luck, Xander winds up transported Cuidad Juarez in 101 PA. While there he suffers the psychic attention of the Lord of the Deep and becomes one of the dreaded Sea Inquisitors. After three years hunting Vampires in Mexico, he is back in Sunnydale and desperately trying to hide his new abilities from the others.

- Xander is a Sea Inquisitor and as such has all their nifty traits including resistance to magic and the ability to harm any supernatural threat as if they were a mortal. For instance: A gun fi...
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Xander is a mutant, however he was never actually stressed enough for it to fully activate. That is until the Fertilizer Bomb fails to kill the Mayor. When one of his girls is injured/killed Xander's power finally erupts: The Firestorm is born. What happens after he defeats the mayor is up to you.

Firestorm (based on the original Nuclear Man abilities) has a number of powers based around Matter and Energy Control

Known Powers:
-Super human Strength and Endurance: Can lift 10 tons and operated for a weeks without any sleep.
-Phasing: Firestorm can disperse his own mo...
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Alright we have seen many YAHF fics where the Scoobies are changed by their costumes. This is not one of those.

In The Gift we see bolts of dimensional energy changing objects into dimensional analogs of themselves. What if thos bolts had hit the Scoobies and they transformed into dimensional analogs of themselves. These dimensional analogs should be from worlds that are Games, preferably RPG type games.

Examples (don't feel constrained to use them)
Buffy is hit by a bolt and becomes Lady Elizabeth Summers, Paladin Champion of Torm
Xander takes a bolt and finds himse...
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After losing a bet with the Trio, most of Sunnydale High school and quite a few adults and faculty are dressed as Clan Wolf from BattleTech/MechWarrior. The hiccup comes when the patches look more like a Hyena and Xander is the one assigned the IlKahn uniform and markings. Magic always goes wonky around the Xan-man and this time it is no different. The next morning the entire town wakes up and everything is different. Thanks to the decorations the trio made the not so sleepy town of Sunnydale is now capital city of Clan Hyena. Every last person wearing the costume, every vehicle, and building ...
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This is an idea that was sticking in my head, but i don't know Stargate verse well enough to do it correctly.

Xander dresses as Firestorm the Nuclear Man (original version) as does your choice of other male characters. The problem is that they merge, permanently with Xander in the drivers seat and the other as the voice only Xander can hear. Somehow Firestorm detects Apophis' two ship invasion and blasts off to the rescue. That's when the back seat character recognizes his cousin (Jack, Sam, or Daniel) aboard the Hat'ak. Outside of the spell radius, Xander is not reverted to his norma...
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A whole slew of people lost a major bet with one Xander Harris, now they all have to dress up as fictional or real soldiers for halloween. This would normally not do too much, Xander is on the radar of some very powerful entities. They decide to mess with the plans of the Powers that Be by helping Janus empower his spell. The Scoobies wind up with all the skills and abilities of their costumes.

Must haves:
-Costume Victims to include, but not limited to: Buffy, Willow, Xander (of course), Cordellia, Harmony, Aura, Amy, Gwen, Jonathon, Andrew, Warren, Angel, Giles, Dawn, Jenny, J...
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Xander still dresses up as a soldier, that soldier is Israeli Counter Terrorist Zohan Dvir. Now that the spell has ended Xander has not fully reverted to his normal self. Will he use his new amazing abilities and skills to fight the evils of the Hellmouth, or will he pursue the dream of making everyone silky smooth.

-Pairing: Must be Het but not necessarily monogamous
-Xander must keep ail the skills and physical prowess of Zohan. He also slips into some of Zohan's speaking patterns.
-Xander must hold Hummus and Fizzy Bubblech as sacred as the Holy Twinkie.
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