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Author RedRaptor

An idea that came to me from reading various Justice League stories. I've seen Xander in relationships with Diana that run the gambit from fellow hero, friend, lover/husband, even as her son. One I haven't seen is Xander being Diana's brother.

Suppose that Hyppolita had given birth to a son. To show her sincerity that no man be allowed on Themyscira, she beseeches the Gods to take her son and place him somewhere where she cannot contact him. Jump ahead however many years (decades/centuries?) and a reason arises that forces the Queen of the Amazons to find her abandoned child. Whether...
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Post Chosen, ignoring the S8 comics. Any point during Reaper.

The Devil has a new assignment for Sam. A human who he enjoyed watching if not for his ambition, than for his ultimate failures. That human: Warren Meers.

Warren has escaped from Hell and is hell-bent (pardon the pun) on getting revenge on Willow for killing him. Can Sam, Sock and Ben capture Warren before he takes his vengeance on his murderer?

- Every escaped soul always had some defining characteristic when they came back to Earth based on their lifestyle or how they died. The first thi...
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An open ended challenge for whom I feel is an underutilized character.
Set either back when Caritas was still around or perhaps after Not Fade Away and Lorne has found his place again doing what he does best. Singing karaoke and helping people on their path.
The main aspect to this challenge is that those whom Lorne meets (it could just be for a drink instead of guidance) has some connection to the color green.
Pick anyone from any fandom. Green Lantern, Hulk or She-Hulk, Shego, Polaris, a Ninja Turtle even. But they need to be associated with or recognized by the color green. Have...
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Having suspicions of a growing vampire population, Faith returns home to Boston to look into the matter. Soon into her search, she realizes that things have drastically changed from when she was last there. Will she be able to face her past in order to do her job or will the ghosts return to haunt her?

Crossover with the American version of Being Human. Preferably before the Season 1 finale; before the Dutch arrive.
I would like to see some backstory in Faith as a potential and a newly-called Slayer before she fled to Sunnydale. (Remember, she left Boston after Kakistos and Trick ...
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Crossover with "Eerie, Indiana"

At the end of Chosen, Giles mentions that there's another Hellmouth in Cleavland. What he didn't know was there was another town that was almost on par with Sunnydale weirdness. After receiving a series of vague reports that are more unbelievable than the last, Dawn and Andrew are sent to investigate the happenings of this isolated country town. Giles and Buffy see this as a light test to see how the two are progressing in their Watcher training. While sightings of Bigfoot, jakalopes and Elvis are easy enough to dismiss, it's the claims of time fluctuat...
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(BtVS: post-Chosen. Lost Girl: after Season 1.)
Premise: Saskia/Aifa is Jessica Harris.

Presumably, Aifa fled to Sunnydale after giving birth to Bo. Perhaps it was to recruit allies or to gain power in the form of magic or some artifact to fulfill her revenge. Only she wound up staying because of the Hellmouth's influence on her already shattered and tormented mind and eventually crossed paths with Tony Harris.

This means Xander is part Fae; specifically that his mother is a succubus. Normally a child half-Fae/half-human doesn't have any powers but does living on the Hell...
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I would love to see someone attempt to do a crossover of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series written by Amber Benson (yes, aka. Tara Maclay). I've only just finished the first novel (Death's Daughter) and have seen the potential of crossing these two worlds.

[Potential Spoilers] - Don't read ahead if you're interested in the books.

- The Devil attempting to coerce Amy and/or Willow (as two powerful magic-users) in helping to get Death to work exclusively for him.
- The executives at Death, Inc. doing an investigation on how Buffy managed to avoid a final death and ...
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Crossover with Lost Girl

Riley has been contacted by the military when someone has hacked and stolen what remains of the old Initiative files concerning their experiments on HST's and A.D.A.M.. As the top ranking surviving agent, he's sent to question the only survivor who's failed to make contact. A reclusive biologist named Lauren who has dropped off the map after the old project was shut down.
Unfortunately, Lauren has her own problems working for The Ash. Several Light and Dark Fae have disappeared with some turning up dead and mutilated, causing a strain on the tentative pea...
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Crossover with 'Todd and the Book of Pure Evil'

A twist on the YAHF ideas. The Book has been found just in time for the Halloween festivities. The haphazard group at Crowley High have gotten into the spirit of things as they dress up as another famous (if fictional) evil fighting force.

- Have the gang dress up as various characters from the Buffy/Angel series. Someone reads from the Book and it's a Sunnydale Halloween once again as students become their costumes. Only now the Scoobies are the ones driving as they try to break the latest spell/wish granted and reverse their p...
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Crossover with Lost Girl (Post 'Chosen' for BtVS)

There was a reason why Kenzie wasn't so surprised when learning about Bo, her 'freakiness' and the Fae. She had already been given a crash course in demons thanks to Slayer School. Seems as though a Slayer can't escape the supernatural after all.

- Kenzie is a slayer called by Willow's spell.
- She decided not to join up with the Council but still got some training.

- A connection with Faith; familial or perhaps trained by her. Their personalities are quite similar.

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