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Author VampireCow

Spike's manipulations in season 4 work, and Xander runs off to prove himself and join the airforce/army. At first Anya is pissed, but she misses Xander, and decides to go after him to make sure he doesn't find himself a Tavern Matron with Load Bearing Hips. She also calls in a few favors with her former co-workers in order to ensure that Xander doesn't get shipped overseas after basic~ she gets him plopped down in a nice, stationary, boring assignment called NORAD where they do Deep Space Radar Telemetry.

Because it's Xander, things go pear-shaped in one way or another to gets him o...
Stargate • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 May 12]
The Fang gang are busy freaking out over the Shanshu prophecy, yes? Then Angel 'signs it away'. Sadly, what Angel didn't realize is that the prophecy was never his to give, and had in fact already come to pass. Wolfram and Hart knows this, and use it as a psychological chain more than anything else.

Darla, a vampire, died and returned as a human with a soul. She then gave 'birth' to the Destroyer, who will eventually be key in stopping an Apocalypse, therefore she saved the world. Westley has been known to mix up translations, after all, and those ancient seers liked flipping of...
Multiple Crossings > Darla-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Feb 12]
AU from 'The Pack'.

It wasn't Buffy's brightest idea to leave a possessed and possibly evil Xander locked in the bookcage, where Giles also stored weapons and magical brick-a-brack. Giles shouldn't have trusted the suspiciously knowledgeable ZOOKEEPER to make the magic circle. Primal Xander grabs shiny ancient thing, sticks in pocket, and gets caught up in the spell. Instead of removing the Hyena spirits, the spell reinforces the connection for those already possessed, and gives the zookeeper a weaker spirit. Everyone in the circle, including Willow, are transported to the Pegas...
Stargate • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Jan 12]
YAHF with Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Any cannon character is free game, but core scoobies preferred. Maybe Xander picks up a leather jacket from costume shop (America), or Giles gets his glasses switched out by a sneaky Ethan (Britain). Perhaps Buffy decides a prince is better than a princess (France), or Larry decides not to go as a pirate and grabs a few accessories from the new store in town (Germany)? Does Dawn decide to get the cute sailor outfit she saw in the window (Sealand)?

Whatever happens, the transformed person(s) have to band together to discover whoever is behi...
Anime > Other • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Dec 11]
Due to the plot device of authors choice, one of the Scoobies replaces Lasciel in Harry's head. At first Harry thinks its Lash trying to trick him... but Lash was never talked this much.
Literature > Dresden Files, The • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Nov 11]
When Willow activated the Potentials, she activated ALL potentials still alive. This included those that would normally be considered 'safe' out of the typical 8-18 age range. I'm really hoping for an Ellen Slayer fic, where the sudden increase in healing and strength doesn't interrupt her routine all that much, but any fandom with Older or Younger slayers (Janet from Stargate? Petunia of Potterland? Superman's Mom? Maybe Chief Vick from Psych?) would be great. It could focus solely on the slayer of the fic, how she adapts -or doesn't- to the change or include the Scoobies.

Supernatural > General • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Sep 11]
Illyria can manipulate time, and make portals. While she is never seen actively jumping forwards or backwards, she does an awful lot of seemingly mindless staring. Perhaps she is monitoring the time stream? Who knows?

The challenge is thus: Illyria vs. Apocalypse. At one point he gains the ability to time travel, and uses it not only to travel through time but space as well. He thinks of himself as a God. Illyria takes affront to his hubris, portals in, and they fight.

That is all.

It can take place before or after the mutari generator, in any continuity, and ...
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Fred/Illyria-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 May 11]
Any crossover. Any storyline. Any point in the series, preferably after/during season 2 Angelus situation. The catch: Must have a Joyce/Lorne romance.

Maybe Joyce runs into Lorne while picking up a shipment for the Gallery. Maybe she runs into him while looking for run-away Buffy. Or Lorne meets Joyce when he goes exploring shortly after arriving on Earth. Perhaps he answers a wanted ad in the paper for work. Who knows? Whatever happens they get together, possibly get married. When confronted about the unusual relationship, Buffy shrugs and is like, 'I'm in love with a vamp...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Mar 11]
When Joyce has her brain tumor, she doesn't just die. She wakes up. Underground. As a vampire. What's a Mother of All to do when she realizes she's been endlessly reincarnating for years, and her last lifetime was a mother to a vampire slayer?

Check on the kids, of course. And maybe find a way to get back... Marmee Noir doesn't like it when her children are threatened.
Anita Blake > Joyce-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Feb 11]
After raiding the Drama Club Department for an idea, and stopping at Ethan's with the girls for some accessories, Xander goes as Ba'al for Halloween. As Ba'al, he stays relatively low-key during the chaos and 'binding his time' until he can figure out just what is going on. Can be possessed by either a clone or the original. Either way, after the spell ends Ba'al doesn't leave. He manipulates Xander into a semi-symbiotic relationship (with lots of lying) and slowly takes over.

Doesn't need SG1, but bonus points if they show up. If they do, Vampirism MUST have some kind of scienti...
Stargate > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Feb 11]
Somehow, someway, during 'Phases' Joyce stumbles across Wolf!Oz before Buffy does. She gets scratched/bitten, not badly, but enough to result in her changing on the next full moon. Whether anyone else gets turned is up to you. I want to see some Mama-wolf Joyce kicking butt, maybe with the fire axe she used to brain Spike, and becoming a second mom/mentor to Oz. Also, weave as many allusions to fairytales as you can into the story and possible power ups like mimicking voices, being a master disguise, and controlling the change. Bonus points if you manage to work in Hansel and Gretel from ...
Miscellaneous > Fairytales • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Jan 11]