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Author jfreak

I just read pride of sunnydale on story is about xander being posessed by a lion on the school zoo trip.One part cried out to me for a story hence this request: Ms. Calebdar asks "who is in his pride?" and Xander replied "Willow,Buffy,Joyce,Giles and you", which reiceved "Are you taking liberities with the females?" Others i would like to see: cordielia,Faith,Tara, and Nina from season 5 of Angel. Anyone interested in writing this story?
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during the love spell,xander is turned by dru and finds the spell ,now only vamps, dont end
crossovers(pairings) include twilight (Alice and rosalie) underworld (selene, amelia,erica,sonia)
dracula 2000( Solina(jennifer esposito), Lucy(Colleen"vitamin C" Fitzpatrick,Valerie Sharpe(Jeri Ryan) bloodrayne(rayne)


On halloween xander went as a superhero/ mutant but clashes with the love spell residue and th two spells combine HAREM
x men(jean grey,emma frost, storm, rouge,m...
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on halloween xander is dracula . when the change back never happened he leaves and finds love with alice(twilight) and selene(underworld)
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