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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Allyssiandra

I would love to see stories that take characters from your favorite fandom(s) and insert them into the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers ( link is to the IMDb page for the movie.

Bonus points if you use Xander, Harry Potter, Gibbs (headmaster anyone?), Luna, Willow, or Daniel Jackson.

Anyone up to the challenge?
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Harry Potter xover with Black Jewels Trilogy and BtVS.

Het or Slash, established relationships in BJT must remain the same, and no Harry/old bad guys/girls, otherwise you choose the pairings. I do like HP/GW, HP/DM or HP/GD pairings.

Xander is related to Harry. Harry finds him while researching his family tree.

Harry in attitude and power is/has the potential to be a Warlord Prince, with dark jewels.

Harry, after losing his godfather and learning about the prophecy wishes-prays-desperately asks for help... and someone to care about him, help to learn and t...
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