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Author rexcalon

Okay now we have all read many a HP/BTVS Fic but i have a very weird idea and i want to see if after the Tabula Rasa episode of BTVS Tara never got back together with willow and shortly after she left to go to the coven in Devonshire and while there found out about the Wand World of Wizards and left to find a place away from the Scooby gang and

And the storyline for HP can be as AU as you want but it has to take place after the events of book 6 so anything else goes for that

Now i want to keep this Femslash so any girl you want from HP will be okay.

Harry Potter > Tara-Centered > Pairing: Other • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Jul 11] • Date Updated [10 Jul 11]