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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Semet

Imagine if you will, Batman and Wonder Woman (One of my favorite pairings ever ^^!) had a kid, everyone's favorite Zeppo, but didn't know it and they discover him as a teenager. What would happen?

As to general rules:

Timeline doesn't matter neither does pairing. Please try to not make it too Angsty though, that's all I ask ^^!

AN: I'll admit I got the general principal from Atticus' 'My Parent's Are Who?' (Awesome story by the by. If your even the tiniest bit of a Marvel fan and you haven't read it I would suggest checking it out. You won't be disappointed.) bu...
DC Universe > Justice League • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Apr 11]
What if on his 'Road Trip' Xander ended up a little farther from the Helmouth than just Oxnard? What if he ended up in Roanapur around the same time that Rock did and they both started working for Lagoon Company? Who would they end up with? What would Xander be like when he returned to the Hellmouth? Would anyone from Roanpapur join him and if so how would the two groups (The Scoobies and the Roanapur Group) of people react to one another? You decide!
Anime > Black Lagoon • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Feb 11]
What I would like to see is a Xander-Centered Dragon Age Cross-Over. Time line doesn't really matter, can be an YAHF or a Road Trip story. Whatever. Pairing doesn't matter (though I would prefer no slash, Buffy, Willow, or Cordelia (Yes I know those are the most common, but every once in a while different is nice yes?) I won't throw a fit if you feel like you need to though.) Some rules I think need to put in place though are as follows:

1. No super powered Xander. While I think it would be awesome if you feel he needs to be a kick ass mage or something along those lines anything real...
Games > Fantasy • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Feb 11] • Date Updated [4 Apr 11]