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Author greendragonmaster

what if Buffy dressed up as female version of Naruto instead of a noble woman for Halloween once the spell is broken she retains all of Naruto's memories and abilities including the demon fox sealed inside of her. how will this affect the rest of the Buffy-verse how will Buffy use her new found abilities to enhance her slaying will the fox break free of the seal and cause havoc upon Sunny-dale

Additional plot options

1) The other Scoobys go as Naruto characters as well

2) Buffy Decides to Teach Willow and Xander the way of the shinobi (ninjustsu ,tiejustsu, genj...
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What if Xander's parents were really scientists on the run from the demon research initiative which has been around since WW2, and Xander is actually a clone of Logan created by the initiative and underwent the same Adamantium procedure as Logan did. Xander dose not remember any of this until his sophomore year of high school.

Xander dose not get possessed by the hyena Willow dose instead and keeps all of the hyena powers once the possession is undone. Buffy never see's Angel as more than a Friend/alie.

How You bring the X-men to Sunnydale is up to you but they must be br...
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what if Clark's ship wasn't the only one to crash in Smallville in the first meteor shower there was another with Clark's sister (Buffy/B-el pronounced bee-el ) in and shes found by Joyce and Hank summers who were there visiting friends or family (that's up to you).

Must have : cannon Buffy season one up till where Buffy goes to face the Master but he dose not kill her how ever Kendra still shows up claiming to be the slayer the Scoobies (Giles and Xander that is) freak and think Buffy is some kind of demon. Joyce and Buffy sell up and go to Smallville.

must have Lois Lane ...
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After Paige says her final good buy to Kyle , A higher power (Cordy) has Coop Guide Paige to her soul-mate (Buffy) to help each other mend each others broken hearts. also Tara and Anya are back how you bring these two back is up two you but you must bring them back.

Set post season seven of BTVS And season seven of Charmed must ignore season eight comic book series as well as most of season eight of charmed.

Must have pairings

Must Have
A proph...
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