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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Teucrian

Summary: Take a member of the Scooby gang and write their character into the Fate/Stay Night anime as either a Master or Servant.

Not a Halloween Fic!

Ideas/Plot Bunnies:

1) Xander as Archer: Rin summons Xander as an Archer-class Servant, perhaps after his time in Africa or Halloween with him using a gun/guns. Depending on how jaded he is, a pairing with Saber, Rin, or Caster may be in order. If Caster (or Rider), then the common theme of Xander as "demon chick magnet" should come up a few times.

2) Humor: summon all the Scoobies! Willow as Caster, who summo...
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