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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Bushranger

A BtVS/Kim Possible/Stargate SG-1 challenge.

A Gou'ald mothership.

Beyond that...well, I'm not too picky.
Negative points for: romance, Slayer!Shego or somebody getting a snake in their head.
Bonus points for: O'Neill-calibre snarkage, some sort of space battle, Ba'al in an Armani suit.
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Inspired by my contribution to the insanity that is 'Tales from the Barman...'

BtVS/Danny Phantom crossover challenge. When Dani leaves Amity Park at the end of 'Kindred Spirits', time, fate or those meddling PTBs lead her to Cleveland, and a certain school for gifted girls...

Givens (please include):
Maximum rating of FR18 for violence/fighting/creepies but FR15 for everything else
Pairings: Xander/Faith preferred, otherwise use your judgement but no non-canonical slash please.
Try not to rush things, both sides shouldn't spill all their secrets right away.
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A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover challenge. How would things have gone if the Prophets were representatives of the PTB, the Pah-wraiths were demons, Kira Nerys was a Slayer and Ben Sisko her watcher?

For bonus points: Ro Laren as a rogue Slayer...
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It's a slow night in Cleveland. Buffy, Xander and Andrew are out and about. Andrew starts babbling about this cool new cartoon about a ghost fighter who's half-ghost. Unfortunatly he slips and uses the W-word, and the Patron of Frustrated Geeks is nearby.


A Buffy/Danny Phantom crossover challenge. Any length OK but the more the better. Obviously well post-Chosen for Buffy, should be after season 2 for Danny. Rating max FR15.

Want to see:
- Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Dani dumped into the Buffyverse.
- Danny having trouble wrapping his mind around being a TV...
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