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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author CelebwenTelcontar

When Xander is forced to dress up for S2 Halloween, he goes as the most terrifying thing he can think of: a clown. For some reason, he uses black and white face paint, and, instead of becoming a clown, he turns into KISS' lead singer, Gene Simmons. How does this affect the future? Does Xander's personality remain the same, or change? How does the local Sunnydale wildlife react to the new Xander?
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When Ethan cast the Chaos Spell, instead of sucking the Noblewoman into Buffy's body, it sucked in Buffy's previous incarnation, one Peggy Carter. After the chaos spell is over, Buffy keeps Peggy's memories and skills. What happens when Steve Rogers (Captain America) is thawed out? Does Buffy immediately go to New York and work with the Avengers, proving to Rogers who she is? Do Buffy and Rogers hit it off quickly? How do the Avengers react to Buffy/Peggy?

The rest is up to you!

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Xander dresses as a policeman for Season 2 Halloween. Instead of being a random police officer, he becomes Javert (Les Miserables). This can be centered on either the musical, movie or novel.


Xander must keep the French language

Xander must have trouble reconciling himself and Javert's personalities, either or can become dominant, but the resulting personality must be affected by the other personality

Xander must remember Javert's life, at least at first

Something of Javert must remain


Xander can have...
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The Powers That Be are trying to keep everything in balance, neither too evil nor too good. When Ichigo tries to save Rukia, the PTB find this unacceptable, because it will tip the balance to good rather than equal. They try to kill remove Ichigo's soul from the cycle of rebirth (however they do this is up to you), but the Soul King is not happy. He creates a Time Loop that cycles between the morning of Ichigo going to rescue Rukia, and when Rukia is freed but Aizen escapes.

On the other side of the world, Buffy is trying to tip the balance for good. The PTB do not like this, an...
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YAHF. On Halloween, a little girl wants to wear a pink wig with her witch costume. The wig is from Ethans, everything else is from somewhere else. The girl turns into Kusajishi Yachiru from Bleach. Requirements are:

How does this change the story?

What will happen to the girl after the spell wears off?

What will she do to Ethan when she finds him?

Who is the girl, and is she related to any Cannon character?

Have fun!
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Willow finds a blonde wig at Ethan's, and uses it to finish a homemade costume. She dresses as Ayla (Earth's Children), in the outfit given to her by Marona.

Janus can bring Whinny, Racer, Wolf and Baby to the Hellmouth if you want them to

If you bring Baby, please bring his pride as well, to repopulate cave lions

Other people can dress as members of the Clan, including any of the other Scoobies and Spike, Dru and Angel

Willow must retain Ayla's healing ability and all of Ayla's memories and skills through the book "Shelters of Stone"

Willow can us...
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The band "Dingo's Ate My Baby" plus a few others, including Joyce and Willow, dress up as Alagasia dragons for Halloween due to a bet, and when the spell wears off, the dragons become so many dragon eggs just waiting to choose someone. Willow chooses Buffy, Oz chooses Xander and Joyce chooses Giles. The dragons and riders are able to speak to each other. Dawn is introduced as an egg who chooses Spike. The rest is up to you!
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Xander, for any reason you choose, dresses up as Julius Caesar for S2 Halloween. The effects of the spell are lasting for everyone, such as Buffy might become an expert on needlepoint or Willow might become noncorporeal by choice (i.e. Shadowcat from X-Men). The effects on Xander must be accurate to Rome (HBO), and Xander has to take over Sunnydale at some point (hence the title).

You can dress someone up as Marc Antony, Pompei, or anyone else. Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo are encouraged to be in the story, by magicking them from the past or a couple of people dressing as them ...
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After Cordelia came back from being a Power, she was contacted by the Empress of Demons. The Empress wants her to be the Heir to the Demon Empire, while the Empress and some of her Court return to their home dimension.

When Twilight vampires die, they arrive in the Buffy world. The Empress, Didyme, created the Empire to protect them from outside forces, and other demons joined in. Didyme was able to create the Empire because she had lived with the Volturi and was Aro's sister and Marcus' wife.

Twilight time-line: After Breaking Dawn

Must have:

1) Sasha...
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